Sunday, July 5, 2009

Winter in July - A Child's Year again!

All of the items you see in this photo were made using a single key on the "A Child's Year" cartridge (with the exception of one phrase cut from another key). This cartridge could keep you busy for weeks if you just chose one key each day and tried making an assortment of items from that key.

First I cut the snowman (I guess it is actually a "snowwoman"!) silhouette in solid blue and the shadow in a "snowy" patterned paper.

I added Stickles glitter glue to give some sparkle to the snow and some white pen lines to add some definition to the image of the child. The lines are a freehand "interpretation" and you can use your imagination about the placement. To see a super example of this you should click HERE to see a wonderful layout on Monique's blog (Monique is also previewing this cartridge for Provo Craft and she does fantastic work).

I added a dark blue "snowy" layer to a basic white A2 card and then used foam squares to adhere my silhouetted figure for some more dimension.

Next, I cut this card design. I used a patterned paper for the top layer and set the size at 5 1/2 inches for a standard A2 card. There are dozens of fabulous card designs on this cartridge - all ready to cut with the touch of a button! The snowflake cut outs can be used for another project.

The cartridge will cut the card base as well, but I have plenty of blank A2 cards so I used one of these for the base. I simply adhered the two layers and added Stickles to the small holes and to accent the snowflakes.

Here is a closer view showing the Stickles. This card would also be beautiful cut in white and embossed with the Cuttlebug (I'll have to try that next!).

One more view of the first two cards I made.

I used the "icon" feature to cut the two large snowflakes in this photo. These are lovely designs once again and add to the collection of snowflakes available on all of the Cricut cartridges (I think there are about 24 different snowflakes at this point - enough for a fine blizzard!).

The next cut I tried was the Tag feature. These tags cut in two layers - the top with the snowflake cutouts and a base layer. Quick, simple and charming!

Here is the collection of snowflakes and tags - just to remind those of you who live in hot areas that winter can be fun too!

I was curious to see how one of the silhouettes would look cut in a patterned paper so I cut the pair of skaters in my dark blue snowy paper. You have to remember to adjust your settings but the shape cut nicely with no tearing at the fine details. I didn't cut the shadow for these figures - I didn't think I needed it for the card I had planned.

I layered dark blue and then some patterned paper with swirls that reminded me of figure skating designs. I added the snowflakes that were cut from the tags and the phrase "best friends" from the font feature on the first toy page.

I have gotten a lot of comments and emails telling me that I am being an "enabler" - I have no defense.... I think anyone who uses a Cricut would find dozens of ways to use this cartridge and you would never get bored with all of the possibilities. So I don't apologize for "enabling" - I know you will thank me in the end when you get your hands on this cartridge and start creating!

Just wait 'til you see what I have in mind to try next!


  1. You know of course that I am GREEN that you get to play with this cartridge?!?!? I have it pre-ordered and cannot wait for it to arrive.

    Super nice job previewing, btw!!!

    xx Susan

  2. Fantastic winter projects!!! I think the winter and Christmas options on this cart are amazing, and I also can't wait to try them out. Your "best friends" card just warmed my heart - beautiful!
    And thanks for linking my blog in your post. I'll be posting more designs soon. :)


  3. Great projects. I especially enjoy these winter projects to help cool us down in mid-summer. Thanks for sharing what's on A Child's Year with everyboy.

    Provo Craft

  4. These are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!


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