Friday, July 3, 2009

Sample cuts from A Child's Year

I could hardly wait to try out some of these cuts - I wish I could stay home and cut them all (OK, I know that would take forever!). We do have plans to get together with family for dinner tonight. I thought I would just post some pictures to show you the sample cuts I did and tell you the sizes. I have been pleased to find that these intricate images are cutting very well. You do need to be sure to have a good and sticky mat.

(Here is a LINK to my first post with photos of the entire manual and the keypad overlays for A Child's Year - if you spend some time looking at the photos you will find all sorts of surprises!)

Of course the first one I tried was the one I had seen in some of preview images on the Cricut site. I used "fit to length" at five inches for this Fourth of July go-cart and it cut at 3 1/4 inches high. This would fit nicely on a 5 x 7 card.

Here you can see the shadow layer in blue and the image cut in red. You need a bit of patience to remove all of the very tiny bits - the pointy hook tool in the Cricut tool kit works well for this. If you don't have that try a corsage pin or something similar to help poke out the very fine details.

I cut the beetle at four inches - forgetting that it was sideways in the book so the 4 inches was measuring the width - it is a large and scary beetle!

Next, I tried the child with an umbrella - I cut this at 5 1/4 inches.

There are so many interesting options with the Tag feature. I cut one circle scallop at 3 inches and one at 2 inches.

Then I cut the top layers and ended up with these cute tags and a couple of birds too.

I cut the apple card at fit to page on the piece of paper I had left and it is 5 1/4 inches. These would be so nice for teacher cards and gifts.

Here is the card folded with the apple cut out. I am eager to have this in Design Studio so I can eliminate the tick marks for scoring (if you have taken the Design Studio Basic Cards class with me you know that those tick marks are a pet peeve of mine - I don't like the way they look and think they leave a messy edge but you can easily delete them in Design Studio).

Here is another interesting tag option - above are the two pieces cut at three inches. The detail on the diploma is lovely

Here is the assembled tag.

I cut this beach umbrella with sand toys at 4 inches.

Here it is with the shadow added.

This bubble bath images is one of my favorites so far! It is also cut at four inches.

Here is the bubble bath image with the shadow.

The adorable tooth fairy girl - top cut...

and layered with the shadow in bright pink!

The grand piano at four inches.

The violin cut at fit to length for four inches - actual cut is 1 3/4 inches. Look at the delicate cut to the inside of the bow - it worked perfectly!

Last but not least - this lovely heart cut at three inches.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these - it is nice to know that they are easy to cut though I would not recommend trying to cut some of the images at tiny sizes.

Off to dinner - I'll post more later or tomorrow - and maybe even put together a project or two!


  1. Very nice! I like the wide range of cuts you showed! At first I thought this cart would only be shadows but with the monogram and card features, it's so much more! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are wonderful. Thanks for always being willing to share. It is well and truly appreciated.


  3. Oh aren't you the little enabler today LOL

  4. wow , this is so neat, kind of Vintage. Very nice and congrats, Cap!

  5. I love this cart more and more as I see it! Thanks for posting this!!

  6. Gosh this is a GREAT cartridge - I just have to have it for doing LOs of my DGSs - SO.... I pre-ordered it from Custom Crops about 2 min. ago (free shipping and 59.99)

    KraftyChick from Cricut MB


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