Friday, July 3, 2009

Cards made with A Child's Year

We had a lovely dinner out but I could hardly wait to get home and try some more carts from this cartridge. This one cartridge could keep a crafter busy for days or weeks!

Here is the baby carriage cut - look at the tiny blades of grass and the delicate trim on the carriage.

I cut the top layer in pink and the shadow in pale green.

This lovely mat is on the shift function of the card feature on the school cut. When cut at five inches it makes a perfectly proportioned layer for an A2 card.

My baby carriage cut was a little larger so I cut the mat again at six inches to suit the carriage.

Then I layered everything on a 5 x 7 card but decided to trim 1/2 inch from the card to make it 5 x 6 1/2. The proportions worked better this way but you can plan the cuts to suit your card size (and, once again, when this cartridge is added to Design Studio you will be able to be sure about the sizing). I will probably add some more details to this card and stamp a sentiment in the grass border - tomorrow...

I am fascinated by the cards and the layers for the cards - there are dozens of interesting shapes and cuts for both the cards and also for the tags. Here is the heart card from the Valentine's Day set of images.

This photo shows the other side of the Valentine paper - I had planned to use the polka dots but I liked this side better in the end.

A bit of serendipity - the cut was random and done with this side of the paper face down on the mat and I couldn't have planned a better placement. The point of the heart has the darker red pattern and glittered border and the little bird ends up in the perfect spot. The word "Love" is pre-welded on the cartridge and is cut at 1 inch.

I think the heart is meant to be affixed to the card base on both sides but I liked the effect of the loose top flap - you could add an extra message here.

Here is the final card with some white pen dots added in the scallops.

Finally, I couldn't resist cutting out a few Halloween images - here is one pumpkin...

Here are the two layers of the pumpkin tag.

They fit together perfectly and I like the expressions on the pumpkin faces!

Last photo for today - just look at the details on this witch - don't you love her shoes!

(If you are one of the feed subscribers who gets a morning email this is a very long one - three posts in one day! Here is a LINK to the first post with all of the cartridge handbook pages and overlays.)


  1. Wow!!!I knew it looked like a cool cartridge, but didn't think I would find use for it..boy, was I wrong!!..Your cards proved I need this cartdrige!..

  2. Great Work and now I am going to have to have that cart!


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