Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Thanks" card with Scor-Bug

I have been getting all sorts of exciting mail lately. I ordered the eleven new Cuttlebug embossing folders and they arrived yesterday. Today, UPS delivered the "Don Juan" cartridge I ordered using my Cricut Rewards points - I can't wait to give it a "test drive!" When I got the mail this afternoon I had yet another package, and it it was the Scor-Bug, a nifty little gadget from the Scor-Pal company.

Here is the Scor-Bug closed, It has a handy little chain that you can use to attach it to a tote or purse.

When you slide the knob forward a wheel with sharp tipped little pegs is revealed. You run the Scor-Bug over a piece of card stock on the Scor-Pal, following along one of the grooves. There is a very natural feel to the Bug in your hand and the finger grip is built in.

First I scored the front of my card at 1/2 inch from the long edge of the folded card.

Then I lined up the center fold of the card with the five inch mark on my Scor-Pal and ran the bug along the line 1/2 inch away.

I then placed the unfolded card along the edge of the Scor-Pal and ran the Scor-Bug down each long side of the piece of cardstock one/half inch from the edge.

On the top side, the Scor-Bug creates evenly spaced dots, debossed into the surface of the cardstock.

On the bottom of the cardstock, the tool creates a series of bumps that give the effect of stitching (without the work of actually stitching!).

These dotted lines formed a new center area of my card - the measurement (after removing one-half inch from each side) is 4.5 inches x 3.25 inches. I cut a piece of pretty paper to 3 inches x 4.25 inches and stuck in in the center position.

Then I added the word "Thanks" which I cut from blue glitter card stock with my Cuttlebug using the die from the "With Gratitude" A2 combo set. I deliberately placed my "Thanks" die cut a bit off center to add some interest.

This is an extremely simple card but the Scor-Bug lines just give a little extra pizazz! I want to try more complicated and intricate patterns very soon. I would not recommend trying this on thin patterned paper but it works great on heavy cardstock (I was using Bazzill card stock in this example). If you'd like more information about the Scor-Bug, here is a LINK to the Scor-Pal site page where it is fully described,

I happen to need some thank you cards right now to thank my "Walking Goddess" friends for birthday gifts. On Monday, we had a "girl's night out" to celebrate the four birthdays that fall in July. I am very lucky to have such a fantastic group of friends. I just had to share a picture of the fabulous birthday cake that Debbie made from scratch(!) with whipped cream, raspberries and drizzled chocolate. Check out those crazy twisted candles on top!

(Jen and I are holding a Basic Cards class on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Eastern - there are still a few slots available if you are reading this in the morning and would like to attend. Follow the directions on the LMSYHTDT blog to request a space in the class).


  1. Cute cute card and I also love the Beach Party card....Fun new gift to yourself as well!!!! Hope you are having a blessed day!!!

  2. love the card. I have something similar to this that punches holes. I got it on clearance at Target.

  3. Yesterday alone we received 33 orders for the Scor-Bug and I am sure it was because of your article. Thank you so, so much for linking to our store.I love your card, simple style but elegant too.
    Mucho hugs,
    Diana Crick


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