Thursday, July 2, 2009

Digital Challenge - Word Art Frames

It's Thursday and time for another Digital Challenge for FCTSC. I am doing these every other week right now and you can see links to past challenges in the side column.

The digital freebies at the Creative Memories site today are frames with word art - if you'd like to check them out here is a LINK to the page. These remind me of the frames I did when I was first getting started with the Design Studio software and we couldn't weld inside a frame - you had to build the frame from pieces to put a word inside.

These date back to early in 2008 - in the first month of my blog - I've learned a lot since then!

So, for this week's digital challenge, try making a word art frame of your own - it can say anything you want and be for any occasion. Here are a few that I did - they are lots of fun. I incorporated my word art inside the frame for some of these - all of the frames were grouped with the word art to make resizing simple.

I use the Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus software - if you'd like more information about this software here is a LINK. I have given the information about the elements I used for each of these frames below.

Top left frame filled with paper from the "Delight" digital power palette and word art from "Wishes and Dreams" digital kit.
Top right frame filled with paper from "Holiday Traditional" free predesigned pages and word art from "Delight"' digital power palette.
Lower left frame filled with paper from "Recipe Book" digital kit, word art also from "Recipe Book" digital kit.
Lower right frame filled with paper from the "Primary" digital power pallette, word art from "Mod" digital power pallette.

Remember, if you want to participate in the FCTSC digi challenge, you will need to join FCTSC in order to be able to post your project in the digital challenge section of the gallery.

Have some fun experimenting with putting frames and words together and be sure to post what you make in the gallery at FCTSC.

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