Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A New Punch (but thinking about the Gypsy...)

I spent a little time today working on more "secret" projects that I will soon be able to share. I didn't have much time to spare since there were lots of errands that I had to take care of today. This week is very busy since it is the final week of the Arts Camp where my son is a counselor this summer and there are performances every night (we try to go to most of them).

One of my errands took me very close to a Michael's store, so, naturally, I had to make a quick stop to check their sales. I have been thinking that I'd like to get the Hannah Montana cartridge (hard to believe since I have grown boys - not tween girls, but I do like all of the musical items and fonts). At the $40 sale price I can talk myself into any cartridge! They did not have it, they did not even have a spot for I took a look around and found this punch on a clearance rack.

This is the Martha Stewart pop up cosmos punch. It was marked down to $6.99 on the sticker - but it rang up at $4.99 and I had a 40% off coupon so it cost me only $3.00

I really like the look of the flowers partially punched through the paper - you can raise up the petals for a pretty effect. I actually had been working on a design for something similar in Design Studio a long time ago and I feel inspired to try to finish it up now!

I was planning to use this row of flowers to make a card, but that will have to wait for another day. In the little free time I did have today, I was reading up on the new Gypsy device - here is the LINK to the official site where many questions are answered. Some lucky people were given coupons for a free Gypsy at the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Convention and Trade Show that is going on right now in Orlando, Florida. Provocraft is also giving away three gift bags from the convention on the Cricut message board - this LINK will take you to the thread where you can enter your name in the drawing. Good Luck - be sure to post before 10 a.m. mountain time tomorrow (Thursday).

Several people asked me if I knew the price. I have seen both $399 and $299 posted as the suggested retail price. There are many sites taking preorders already for about $250. There are a variety of accessories, such as "skins" to protect the device (and look cute) and car chargers, etc. ,that you may feel are necessary add ons, so I imagine that many people will end up spending $300 or more to get their hands on this device.

I haven't seen an answer yet about the compatibility of .cut files created with the Design Studio software with the Gypsy and I am eagerly waiting to hear if the long needed improvements to the Design Studio program are now ready since, it appears that Gypsy has some of the functions that we have needed in Design Studio from day one.

I am eager to find out more (and excited to see who will win the Gypsy gift bags - Good Luck!)


  1. Hi Diane

    You are so wonderful (as they say da' bomb). You always have good information up. You are so creative and reliable providing good information and not gossip. Thank you for putting this link up. God bless.

  2. Can't wait to hear what you say about the Gypsy.$299 seems very expensive for me with the added purchase of a Cricut and Carts. I just hope they upgrade DS with these improvements and not force us to buy a Gypsy. Keep up the good work. Wanting an advanced class when you get a chance. I know you stay very busy. Joanne

  3. I finally looked at your blog (came via the Twitter link). It's amazing! I had no idea how many designs you had. Gorgeous!

    I hadn't really seen the table when we were last there; I only went downstairs to try to gather the hordes to go home. It's wonderful! What a joy it must be to use.


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