Saturday, July 11, 2009

A few more Tags from A Child's Year

Today I did a few more cuts with "A Child's Year." I was busy getting a few swaps finished (I can't show you those yet...), but I just couldn't resist the temptation to cut a few more things. I certainly would love to spend an entire day cutting out all of the images on this cartridge - I haven't really found any that I don't like!

These beach balls are tags and the cartridge cuts the top layer and the base on the normal and shift of the "tag" creative feature. The two balls on the ends of the center row are actually the "icon" cut which I layered on the tag base (you can easily punch a hole through the top layer to make the unit a tag).

These tags would be great for tying to dishes at a summer potluck. You could write the name of the dish in one of the stripes or indicate if the dish contained nuts to warn people with allergies.

Here are three more tags. The ice cream cone is so cute! This was cut at four inches but it would be nice larger too. The detail on the umbrella is terrific and I like the interesting top and bottom edges. Once this cartridge is added to Design Studio you could use "hide selected contour" and use the layered tag base for all sorts of images.

The bird on the tag on the right was stamped on white cardstock. I cut the base layer scalloped square from "A Child's Year" and rounded the corners of the trimmed image before I stuck it to the center of the tag.

I turned the scalloped square tag at a diagonal and added the ice cream cone - the holes lined up perfectly.

This little teapot tag is so sweet. I put the two layers from the cartridge together but the teapot by itself makes a very cute tag too!

I had to quickly try the teapot card - I enjoy designing card with images welded in apertures and this cartridge has several that can be cut with the push of a button - no Design Studio needed (of course, I am eagerly awaiting the addition of this cartridge to the Design Studio software...).

I cut a piece of purple cardstock to line the front of the card. The card itself was cut from some heavy American Craft patterned paper but I thought that after the front was lined the back of the card needed to be a bit stronger.

I cut a piece of cardstock a bit smaller than the back and attached it to the outside of the card.

By doing it this way, I left a white interior to stamp or write a message on the card.

The tag options are just one more reason that this cartridge is now one of my favorites and I know that many people will be adding this one to their "top ten."

(The Island top has been fitted and molding added to keep it from sliding around - just a bit more painting and it will be ready to complete the workstation. I am already enjoying working on the island with a makeshift top so I can hardly wait for the final surface to be completed and moved into place - photos coming soon....)

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