Sunday, April 20, 2008

Small Frame of Hearts

The large frame of hearts I posted on April 14 was a very simple design but a useful one and so I decided to do a smaller version which could be cut on the baby bug. I hope that some of my regular readers may have already done this on their own but I know that there are many new bug owners and beginners with Design Studio who might appreciate having it done for them, ready to cut.

The offcuts once again are quite attractive and could be used on their own.

This smaller design can be used on a large page - it looks attractive turned on point as you can see below

You can even use the small heart cut outs in the corners of the page to pull it all together

One interesting thing I noticed is that the edges of these frames form a nice scalloped square - scallops seem to be very popular these days and if you don't have one of the cartridges with a scalloped square you can make your own by welding a square within the frame of hearts.

The scalloped square is on the second page of the file below. Once again, you can take this concept and adjust to make frames in the sizes you require for your projects. Have fun with this!

Small Frame of Hearts and Scalloped Square


  1. Thanks for sharing all that you do. You are very generous with your designs and it is much appreciated.

  2. Wow! You are so talented girl! Love all of your frames.



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