Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CD envelopes

Someone asked about a CD sleeve on the Cricut message board. I was sure that others had designed and posted some of these but I couldn't find one right away to answer the posted question and so I decided to give it a try.

To make something like this it is easiest to find a ready made example, disassemble it and then figure out the measurements and shapes needed to create something close to the sample. The creativity and fun come in making adjustments to the "standard issue" item and choosing papers that will put a smile on your face!

I did these using the standard circle but you can take whatever shape you want, from any cartridge you own and personalize the window - just be sure that you DO NOT check "weld" when you add that design and be careful about centering the design in the front square of the sleeve.

I first did a design for the baby bug mat - here is a screen shot of the preview.

This design uses the full width of the paper and will require a bit of trimming at the edges where the paper extends beyond the "cuttable" area (see the photos below).

I cut mine on the Expression 12 inch mat and there is a slight difference in the two side flaps based on the paper placement.

Once this is removed from the mat the fold lines should be scored - a ScorPal makes this very easy but you can do it with the edge of a bone folder and a ruler as well.

The opening will require some clear, thin plastic for the window - I found a stack of florist cellophane for wrapping flowers that was left from a volunteer event and this worked perfectly - here is a photo (you may be able to get this at a floral supply store or just ask a local florist if you can buy a small amount).

This material cut easily in my Creative Memories straight trimmer - just start the blade in the middle of a cut and go in both directions to avoid snagging.

Once you have the small square of plastic you can adhere it to form the window - I used tape runner in the four corners and a line of CM Precision Point adhesive around the circle - let it sit until it turns clear and then carefully lay in your cellophane square.

Then add adhesive to the two side flaps and fold your sleeve together - the top flap can tuck inside or just fold over the top - you can use a sticker to close it if you like.

Next, I tried adapting the design for the larger mat by shifting all the elements down a bit to make sure that all the cutting would be done by the Cricut (no hand trimming at the edge). Here is a screen shot of the shifted design on the 12 x 12 mat.

When I first cut this I used a 6 x 12 piece of paper and placed it on the mat at the 1/2 inch mark from the top line - you can see the placement below

A six inch piece is a bit too narrow and the second flap was not as wide as designed since the paper did not cover that area.

Here is the offcut and you can see that the lower flap went beyond the paper I allowed.

So I tried a third time using a slightly wider piece of paper and this time the entire design was cut

Here is the third finished CD sleeve or envelope.

These are done using George - I have also designed a version using Plantin Schoolbook and will post that here. Another message board member did a cute design for a CD sleeve using Plantin Schoolbook as well. She did it in two sizes and with a flower cut out in the front. Since she does not have a blog she asked me to post her design and I will put that up here when she sends it to me.

There are so many possibilities to embellish and expand on this basic design - use your imagination!

CD sleeve on 6 x 12 mat - George

CD sleeve on 12 x 12 mat - George

CD sleeve on 12 x 12 mat - Plantin Schoolbook


  1. Thanks for sharing the cut files.

  2. Might use this for cookies!! :) Oh yeah, I don't cook...but I still like it!!

  3. Diane, what a super idea! I always look for different ways to be creative. I use my DiscPainter disc printer to make cool creative labels on discs but I always used jewel cases to hold the discs. This idea is great because the window allows viewing the labeled disc inside with a coordinated, matching "frame" around it. Keep up the great ideas.

  4. do such amazing work, and this is just great! i made some by hand at christmas using a handmade template which i saved for future use...yours is so much nicer I am going to throw that one out! lol Thanks sooo much for generously sharing!!!

  5. Thanks for this cut file. It will be very helpful for Christmas! I sometimes cut up my Creative Memories Page protectors for windows like these.

  6. Thanks for the file! I wish I was as talanted with DS!


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