Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gift Card Holders made with Patterned Paper

The gift card holders look great when you make them up in patterned paper - I think double sided paper gives the best effect but you can also use paper that is white on one side and use that for the inner part of the card which allows a blank slate to decorate or write a message.

You can get a bit fussy when you cut these to make sure that the pattern falls just where you want it to. I checked to see where this striped paper would cut by overlaying the leftover piece from another cut out card. I did not like the way the top scallops were striped when I put the paper in the normal starting position on the mat (photo below).

I shifted the pink offcut around to find a pleasing starting position where the top and bottom scallops would be all one color

and then stuck my paper to the cutting mat so that the cut would be in that position using the pink sheet as a guide. You can see that it is just shifted a bit lower to keep the pattern even.

I love stripes and I like the way this now lines up with a continuous stripe along the sides.

Here you can see a glimpse of the opposite side which now forms the center of the card and the card holding sleeve.

No files here, this is cut from one of the files in my previous post - which was reaching novel-like proportions, so I decided to split a few variations into their own entries.

I'd love to see what some of my readers do with this - email me or post to the Cricut Message board if you'd like. Thanks!

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