Sunday, April 27, 2008

Elegant Embossed Gift Card Holders

Once I get going with an idea, I can't seem to leave well enough alone! I thought that these card holders would look great if I "prettied them up" a bit with embossing - so I tried it out!

For my first attempt, I took one side of the holder and put it into my cuttlebug folder - paying attention to where the design would hit around the scalloped edges.

Here is the embossed front of the card

As you can see here, I should also have paid attention to what would happen to the inside of the card.

So...I tried the other side using a different folder. Here is the outer part of the card

This is what it looks like on the inside - here you have more of the design showing so it looks like you "meant to do that!" There is still some room to write a message if you want to.

It doesn't really matter if you do the front and back differently - in fact, I think it makes it rather interesting.

Next I tried a different card with some different folders - this time being careful to emboss only to the exact edge of the front and back - here is the front

and here is the back (as you can see, some patterns work well in either direction and some do not).

This time the center section remained totally free of embossing

I even tried using the smaller embossing folders side by side with this result

The possibilities and variations are endless - these are just to get you started. I think some of these would be very nice for a shower or baby gift or lots of special occasions.

Once again, the files for these cards are in the original post.


  1. Found your site thru Cricut MB, love the card holder and can't wait to give this a try.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you so much for the wonderful tutorials that you do & share so unselfishly. Can't wait to try these gift card holders.
    aka angelsmom

  3. Totally beautiful!! I love it!!

  4. Thanks for the great cut file! I omitted all but the center hole of the scallops, placed an eyelet there, and used that as my closure. The recipients were wowed.


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