Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Notecards

I had a request from a reader for a ready made file with "Happy Birthday" in the opening - she had not been able to work with the software much due to health issues - so I put these two files together quickly. Since everyone can use birthday cards I thought I would post the files here for anyone else who might want them.

The first is Plantin Schoolbook only - here is a closer view. Be sure to keep track of the dot for the "i" - you can attach it to the "b" with a dot of glue (if you lose it you could always use a dot of marker or glitter).

The second is done with George only - I think the glitter card stock looks nice as a background for these, if you have a mat stack you can cut one mat in half and it will fit the behind the opening very neatly.

Use your imagination and add as many embellishments as you like to these. You could also add additional cuts in any or all of the four corners (just remember not to check weld on those so they will cut out!)

Happy Birthday in Oval Aperture - Plantin Schoolbook

Happy Birthday in Oval Aperture - George


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