Thursday, April 17, 2008

Larger (5 x 7) oval aperture card

When I posted the oval aperture note cards I said I would put together a template for a larger size - here it is. This is done in Plantin Schoolbook since you need the Expression to cut a card this size (sorry baby bug owners).

Here is another photo of the card taken with a flash to show the details a bit more clearly.

In my sample, I glued in a piece of embossed card stock with birds to go along with the birds in the "Welcome" from the ZooBalloo cartridge. I taped it lightly to the side when I applied the glue to be sure it ended up in the position I wanted (then I gently removed the tape after flipping it over into position). I also cut just the birds from the Welcome by positioning most of the word off the mat and cutting yellow paper (and then hand trimming). I added a touch of Stickles for the eyes.

You should follow the directions I gave for the smaller cards to build your own like this. I will repeat them here...


Here are the directions for using these files. Each file has three pages - the template page, the card building page and the blank page for previewing as you go along. Do a "save as" of the file and name it to suit your project - this way you will preserve the template for future cards.

Start by deciding what you want to put in the center of the oval. Using the first page, get those items sized appropriately and be sure that you check weld on each element (eliminate the design that I left in the center - "Welcome" - so you can see more clearly where to put the items). When placing your elements it can be helpful to use the 200 size view to see if the elements are touching the edges of the oval.

Next, copy the design elements from that page and paste them on page two (the card assembly page). Continue this process adding elements step by step from the center - first the parentheses, then the small ovals, then the rectangles and squares that form the edges of the card. Check your welds as you go along but if you do it in this order you should not have a problem.

Good luck and enjoy making these cards!

5 x 7 Oval Aperture Card


  1. Thank you sooo much for creating and sharing these files! Amazing!!

  2. You are absolutely amazing! I read your instructions on the smaller cards the other day but I don't think my brain was turned on. I just read this and all of a sudden it all made sense. I CAN DO IT! Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much. I do not have George and so many designs are done with George. I did my first oval card tonight with PS and MM for the thanks. It is wonderful. I had to do a bit of fussing, but your directions were a tremendous help. Thank you!!!
    Cheryl (BCGramma)

  4. Great! AND no George! Great for the Expression users. LOL Thank you for your help finding this file. Love it!

  5. I can't wait to use this.
    Thank you so much!! You do such great work with DS.


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