Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where have I been?

I got started on this blog a week or so ago because I had so many ideas and wanted to share them all in a comprehensive way. I just started posting things I had designed or was working on for use with my customers in my Creative Memories business and in my custom scrapbooks that I make for others. I am flattered that so many people have come and looked at my creations and downloaded them. I also started to feel consumed by the process of designing, testing, writing and posting as I made things.

While I will try to keep up my posting on a very regular basis (because I keep getting more and more ideas and want to try and share them), there are times when I won't be able to post for a few days or more. This week I had my sister here visiting from New Jersey and we went to the Creative Memories Regional C0nvention over the weekend. It was great to have her here and there are so many wonderful new things coming from CM in the next months. I'll try to get a post up about the CM items but I think most people come here for Cricut and Design Studio cuts and that is my focus on this blog. If you have CM questions (and you do not already have a CM consultant) you can always contact me through my personal website. (click here or on the link in the right side column).

So my sister went home today and I have a bit more time to get back to the blog. I have been doing some designing over the past few days and finally have had a chance to test cut and photograph the things I have been working on. There will be several posts today to "catch up."

If you have been checking in and been disappointed that nothing new has appeared - thanks for your patience. You can subscribe to my blog by using the box in the right side column and then you will be notified when I put up something new.

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