Friday, February 1, 2008

Design experiment with AE and George

I designed the red border first using AE and George. It was tricky getting the hearts to fit in and to weld so the design is not symmetrical.

Hearts and mod flowers - red

I wanted to make this design more complex and also make it symmetrical so the purple cut above was my first attempt to do this. I had intended for it to cut out completely but had not yet learned about "burping" CDS designs and some of the center areas were not cut out. While this was not the effect I was going for I do think it is also pretty.

More Hearts and mod flowers - "bad" weld - purple

Thanks to Shari, known as sboz on the Cricut message boards I learned how to fix my design by deleting and adding back elements until the preview showed that all the cuts I intended would be made properly. Here is a link to a post with her explanation.

(Thanks again Shari!). So the yellow cut above is the final version which is also the version I then experimented on with the markers - I like it both ways but the markers really make it pop!

Final version of hearts and flowers - yellow

It is very interesting to watch the progression of these designs and to see how all the messageboard members have been helping each other refine their use of this new software.


  1. These are cool. Now I know I have to get it. I have so wanted to but have not done so yet. Have to wait until I have extra money to do so.

  2. I love your Heart and mod flowers and the More Heart and mod flowers but when I tried to download its saying its set at private. I would love to use these on some of my grandaughters disney pages..they are beautiful....thanks for sharing all the files you do. I have used a lot of your files on her book. I keep coming back to your we page every day!!! thanks so much for all the hard work you do.

  3. Hi Pam,

    What a surprise to see someone reading this far back in my blog! I sent you an email with the files - they were on Mediafire and some people were having issues with that service so I set it to private. I just hadn't gotten around to reposting them with my current download service.

    I hope you enjoy them!



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