Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Some "Fancy" borders made with cakestands

I kept looking at the cake stand on the Celebrations cart and thinking that it looked very cute and "girly" (since I have two - wonderful! - sons, I seem to be overly attracted to "girly stuff!)

So I tried welding them together to get a border for "fancy" pages. The example above is the first result.

Not satisfied with the "girly" factor I decided to add to it and fit in the open heart from Accent Essentials. There was some tricky welding but it was definitely fancier! Here is the resulting border:

Here are the two borders are at the top and the bottom of a page:

I also tried putting them together with a some of the black background showing like this:

I tried them close together and they looked like this:

The "leftover bits are also pretty and could be used - here are all the pieces:

These cuts are just placed on a black background for photographing and would be straighter if they were stuck down. For items this small, I use the CM precision point adhesive pen - I think there are other similar ones at craft stores. The important thing is to be able to control the flow of the adhesive. With the CM pen I have found that it is best to apply it lightly and then leave it sitting in the air until the white is gone and it just looks shiny. At this point, the adhesive is tacky, the delicate item will stick down very well and there will be no "oozing" of the adhesive.

Finally, these could be used on a page with a special matted photo in the center - like this:

These cuts require a very delicate hand in removing them from the mat -don't use your stickiest, newest mat to cut these or you will be unhappy!

Here are the links:

Single cakestand border

Fancier cakestand border


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