Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Not really a doily, not really a snowflake - here I go being symmetrical again!

This is something I created using only Accent Essentials - just fooling around. I am not sure what to call it but I liked the end result - maybe it could be used on a page for a graduate showing choices for the future in each arrow with a photo in the center, a title of "Where do I go from here?" and the options in the arrows. Hmmm......I may try that....

Anyway, I liked the use of a full sheet of 12 x 12 with no waste! The offcut from this could also be used on a page, here is what it looks like:

and even the leftover "bits" could be put to use - 8 arrows and a circle:

So, if you like it, try it...

Not really a snowflake

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