Monday, February 4, 2008

One more set of Grid fillers - more troubles with George!

So here is the last set of grid fillers I have done so far - these are done in George using the silhouette feature and, once again, George is giving me angst!

For some reason the silhouette causes trouble and does not cut evenly - if you read my long sad tale about the doily design from February 1, you will know something about this. However - I do believe that the file will be OK for you to cut if your George cartridge is not acting up on you!

Same old problem with off center cuts on silhouette - made even worse by the small size and the use of markers - you can see here...

So, no guarantees - and let me know if yours works out as planned - I think I will abandon George on silhouette for the time being. I did think these would be nice as overlays for a photo if your subject was centered nicely in the shape.

Grid fillers with silhouette shapes

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  1. You have been one busy gal! Can't wait to try these. Love ya for doing all that work--now I can look good. LOL. Kay


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