Saturday, February 2, 2008

Corner Design George only

I did this little corner design in response to a challenge to do something using only George. To get the large swirl the other elements connect to I used two question marks - overlapping the dots and adding a small circle to compensate for the dots not lining up perfectly! I used the silhouette option on everything but that circle. It is simple but could be used on lots of different pages - I like things that have multiple uses. The file says #2 because I put the first one a tad too close to the edge and used "save as" to avoid having to reconstruct the entire design. I then moved the one element to get it within the "cutable area" of the mat. This is a good trick to remember since there is no "group" or "select all" yet in this program so in this sort of situation you can save some time by renaming and trying your changes while preserving the first version.

Corner Design - George Only


  1. Thank you for starting a blog, your work is really inspirational!

  2. You've done it again--great. I like anything made with George.


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