Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pumpkin Face Tealight Holder

Happy Wednesday!  Today I want to share another way you can use the glass holder with the pumpkin faces that I shared on Monday (click HERE to see if you missed that post).   If you finish all of the candy corn in the pumpkin face dish, you can turn it into a tealight holder (or if you have sworn off candy - start with the tealight holder!).

I used some orange glassine paper to line the dish.  I bought some rolls of glassine in different colors years ago when we lived in Germany.  It may be a little hard to find colored glassine but you can try a large art supply store.  I checked online and found a baking company called Fancy Flours that offers various colors of glassine sheets HERE.  You could also use vellum (once again, a little harder to find in colors).

I cut a strip of glassine about 2 inches by 12 inches (just measure the height and the circumference of your container and make it a bit longer).  I use a tape runner to add some small strips of tape to the inside of the glass, making sure that it would be hidden by the black vinyl.

After I had added the tiny strips of tape, I started on one side and simply stuck the glassine to the tape tabs.  I found that the glassine could be repositioned easily since it has a very smooth finish.

I worked my way around the container and then trimmed the overlap.  It doesn't matter if the paper crinkles a bit due to the slope of the sides - it will look fine from the outside.

This photo show the tabs of tape a little better.  I used a Creative Memories tape runner that is made of small segments so it was easy to place very small bits in strategic places.

I like the soft effect the glassine produces.

Of course, you must not use a real candle if you put the glassine liner inside the container.  These battery operated tea lights are perfectly safe and long lasting.  I usually can find big sets of these around this time of year at Costco for a very reasonable price (they often include extra batteries for the candles too).

It would be fun to make a group of these and display them with a different face showing on each one.  I like to line up candles on my kitchen windowsill.  They would also be cute as party favors.

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In other news...
We had an earthquake right after dinner last night - the first one that I can ever remember feeling!  It was very unsettling even though it lasted only a short while.  It seemed like our house was surrounded by heavy equipment and low flying planes.  Nothing fell or was broken but the dishes rattled in the cupboards.  I know some of you live in places where this is fairly common but it was a first for me here in Massachusetts!

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  1. I like the tealight holder - I'm off sugar for a while, so those candy corns would have been way too tempting. :-)

  2. Great idea with the orange glassine inside. You have so many unique craft supplies!

    Glad you're ok from the earthquake. We had 2 in Ohio the last few yrs & I has never felt the ones before that, but I'm on the 7th floor at work & it shook my chair a bunch!

  3. Hi Diane, That is such a cute little pumpkin light. Love it. I too have felt a few earthquakes here in Ohio. I know they were nothing like some others experience but it is quite unsettling to literally feel the earth shake beneath your feet. Glad you didn't have damage.
    AShu93 I am thinking maybe we live close??? Do you work at WPAFB?

  4. So cute! I'm not a Halloweenie, but I can see me using the technique in the near future. I'll be sure to post it on my blog & link it back to you!

  5. Diane I really love the cute treat/tea light holder idea! I would love the win the give away too, as I do not have any breast cancer related crafting products!

  6. that is too cute! and the tut is very easy to follow. thank you

  7. Hi Diane,
    I love that tealight holder! Thanks for all the great things you share with us, you are a true inspiration!
    Tina L

  8. Another cute idea! I would start with the candy corn but the candy wouldn't last long at all! lol

  9. Turned out very cute with the orange paper. So glad you weren't hurt in the earthquake.

  10. What an adorable tealight holder:)
    So fun!
    Sherrie K

  11. These really are PERFECT for a Halloween party! I love your design of different faces on all the sides!

    rissaflor atyahoo dotcom


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