Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gingersnap Time

Gingersnaps are one of our family favorites.  I always think about gingersnaps in October because my mother used to make them for the trick-or-treaters at Halloween. 

I drove as far as New Jersey today and did a special project with my sister (it has to stay a secret for a little while).  On Wednesday I'll get to Pennsylvania to spend a couple of days with Dad.

If you'd like to try our family recipe and read more about the gingersnaps, please click HERE to go to the post I wrote about these cookies last October.

Are you ready for Halloween?  Do you dress up to meet the trick-or-treaters?  I usually just pop on a tall pointy witch hat to answer the door.  I bought the candy yesterday and I will put up a few decorations when I get home again.


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  For the rest of the month, everyone who leaves a comment on my blog will have a chance to win this Sizzix "Scrap Pink" set.  You can see more photos and details at THIS POST.  For more chances, you can leave a comment everyday for the rest of the month - but just one comment per day please.

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  1. It's so good that you are able to go see your dad so much. Back when the kids were little, that would have been so much more difficult. Enjoy your time with him.

  2. Ginger snaps were my grandmother's favorite cookie. I love them after they get soft. Wishing you safe travels.

  3. Those cookies look yummy! Have a safe trip and enjoy time with your dad.

  4. Safe travels. I'll have to try these ginger snaps, one of my favorite cookies.

  5. I haven't had or made gigersnaps in years, now I will. Thanks. I don't dressup for Halloween we don't have very many trick or treaters

  6. Your ginger snaps look delish! I do not dress up for Halloween nor do I decorate. Is there a Halloween Scrooge? Guess that would be me!
    Karen L 1020 at gmail dot com

  7. Have a great time with your Dad. I hope you find him doing well.

  8. I so miss the days when we could have home made treats for Halloween..Alas, at least in the cities, that day is gone....I do not dress up, but I do decorate, as do many in my area.


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