Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Design Studio Updated

I have some good news for you if you have recently purchased Cricut cartridges and found that you couldn't use them with Design Studio.  There has been an update adding the newest cartridges to the Cricut Design Studio program.  The new Cricut Website still does not have a page for Design Studio.  You can find the link to the Design Studio update at THIS POST on the Cricut Message Board.

When you click the link in that post you will see the download window for V121009.  Be sure to SAVE this to your computer and then run it to install the new cartridges.  The download should only take a few minutes.

Double click on the font installer and then click on the box at the bottom of this screen - you will need to give approval in another pop-up window for the fonts (cartridge info) to install.

The actual installation is very quick - then you can open Design Studio and start designing with your new cartridges.  (I don't have any of these but I am tempted by Suburbia and the cute Teddy Bear cartridge).

Since the website page is no longer available there is not a list to verify which cartridges are added by this update.  I found the latest Lites (Teddy Bear Parade, Trick or Treat, Snow Folks, Dino Play, Children Around the World, Pirates and Mermaids), Suburbia and Create a Critter 2.  I did not see the Teresa Collins December 25th Seasonal or Something to Remember (the exclusive Cricut Circle cartridge). 

I hope you are having a great day.  Things are a little off schedule for me and may be for the next few days...

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  1. Oh, thank you! So glad there's still even that much support for Design Studio!

  2. Please tell me, if we update our Design Studio what will happen to being able to use our cartridges I have gotten several years past?

  3. Hi Rosie,

    The update just adds new cartridges - all of the old cartridges will still be there. Are there any cartridges that you have that you can't use?

  4. Diane: No, my cartridges are still usable as I haven't done any updating or bought any since. Thank you for your reply. I did get the Art Philsophy last yr. tho and do want to purchased the Artiste but am worried if the Artiste would work or not with the old updating. Would you know?

  5. I had trouble loading CCR for the first time. Tech support helped me and said it had something to do with my having Design Studio. If I now update DS, will this mess up CCR again?


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