Friday, July 8, 2011

Full Page Designs

One of the interesting things you can do with the 12 inch Cricut machines is to create full page backgrounds.  It is easy to make bordered paper, repeating backgrounds, paper lace and frames.

I used to do a lot of these before there were so many cartridges available with this type of image.  If you click on any of these photos you should be linked to the original posts for these designs.



Ashlyn's Alphabet

 Martha Stewart All Occasions


There are files available if you want to try any of these for one of your projects.  Many of these are older posts so the links have not been updated to my new files sharing site.  Please let me know if you have any problems with the 4shared site where most of them are hosted.  (Edited to add - I have changed all of the links to direct downloads).

So here is a question for you - can you tell which cartridge(s) I used for the starry page at the top of this post?  Leave a comment if you want to take a guess...

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  1. Morning-

    I am surprised I am first to comment. I know which one - one I don't have -lol.

    Always reading your column but not always time to comment or take part. Summer is so busy.

  2. I'm guessing its from the Disney-Tinkerbell & Friends cartridge (layers hair/flesh)2nd row from the top and 7th one over.
    You'll have to let me know which one it is if it's not this one. Thanks,

  3. The links to the cut files on the old posts no longer work (pout). There were a few that I didn't have and I wanted them now!

  4. I love these. I need to learn how to download from where you have the files. I always have problems with them. I know you like MS and so do I. I am ging to guess and say

    Cricut Cartridge Martha Stewart: Seasonal Cake Art - page 50/keypad button 15

    Great backgrounds...........

  5. Hi everyone,

    I have edited the old posts and changed all of the links to direct downloads. I'd love to see what you make if you download the files!

  6. Love the 12 x 12 background cuts. I just got my Cricut Expression so I can now try some of those. I have no idea which cart. it is and I have 40 carts.
    Thank you
    Linda in Stanwood

  7. Are you talking about the green top layer? If so, I believe that is a "top note" from Accent Essentials and I use that all the time! Page 79, keypad button 48.

    Just got home from the Scrapbook Expo here in Atlanta, this was my third time to go. Didn't seem to be as many vendors as last year and way less than the first year I went. I purchased only items I could not buy locally with a coupon, however, I set a budget for myself and kept to it! LOL!

    I understand the booth rental is
    $1000 for two days plus lodging expenses. Makes me wonder how vendors can afford it with this economy...just saying...
    MCF's Mimi

  8. WOW I just love these. I will have to try some.



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