Friday, September 26, 2008

Storybook Hearts and Flowers Lace

This design was created very simply by using just one border element from Storybook which was flipped and rotated to create a secondary design. You can see the element I used outlined in red on the screen shot below.

I was able to adjust the design to fit comfortably within a 12 x 12 page. Once again I used the 12 x 24 mat and placed the paper at the one inch mark. Below you can see the design on the mat after cutting.

The resulting offcut is rather pretty and I could go back and recenter the elements a bit to make it perfectly aligned in the 12 x 12 space - I might do that if I think of a project to use this "leftover" (or just trim one side to make the spacing even).

There is a baby bug version on page one of the file again - I have not been able to test this and would appreciate any feedback if you encounter a problem with that cut. You could cut two and then overlap them to get the same effect on a page if you do not have the Expression.

Storybook Hearts and Flowers Lace


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