Monday, October 13, 2008

Spooky "snake" Mesh

Here is another mesh I did using the Storybook Cartridge. You may think it is a "girly" cartridge but I think these elements combine to look like snakes! A lot of snakes! This could be a great background for some Halloween photos. Below is a screen shot showing the element I used to create this design

This design is cut on the 12 x 24 mat - here is a photo of it after cutting with the outer waste piece removed. Be sure to place your paper at the one inch mark on the mat as you can see below. You also need to remember to change the mat size on the Expression before cutting on the 12 x 24 mat (if you forget to do this, the computer will prompt you, but it is easier to just change the machine setting when you load the mat).

There are many small circles to be removed - some will stay on the mat as you peel the design off but there will be some "cleanup" required! This design takes a long time to cut so be patient.

Here is a closer view of the "snakes" - a bit creepy!

Storybook Snake Mesh

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