Monday, October 6, 2008

The Importance of Backing Up!

Well, as soon as I got my internet connection working again, my laptop "caught" an incurable virus and I have spent the past week buying a new hard drive, installing it with the help of my computer genius brother-in-law (thanks, Chris!) and slowly reinstalling all of my software (and calling to get new activation codes for some of the programs). Fortunately, I backup my photos and other files frequently and we were also able to access my old hard drive to recover other information but this experience has reminded me how much I rely on my computer on a daily basis and that I need to continue to keep backups of all my important digital information!

The silver lining - I upgraded from a 100 GB hard drive to 250 GB and have lots more "breathing room" for all my photos and the videos I hope to start making and sharing!

So now - I hope that all my computer troubles are over and that I can finally get some of my new files and projects posted.

I also want to say welcome to many recent new subscribers - many of you seem to have discovered my blog from the Cricut Chirp newsletter "Project Corner and Spotlight" which featured my Happy Halloween design. I hope you will find lots of inspiration and help here!

(the photo is one I took last fall of the bottle garden at the Albany House Bed and Breakfast in Albany, Wisconsin)

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  1. This is Gracie from Everything Cricut--just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your designs. You are absolutely fantastic at explaining things, and I know my readers LOVE YOU!

    Take care,

    Gracie at and


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