Monday, October 6, 2008

Diaper Cake

While I was working on restoring my computer to working order, I actually did some projects without using Design Studio! I am so accustomed to using the software to lay out my cuts (even if I am not creating a new design) that it took me a few minutes to get going "the old way!"

A friend wanted to make a diaper cake for a baby shower so a few of us got together, rolled the diapers, tied the layers and covered the tiers with receiving blanket "frosting." She had some items to add for decoration at home, but we got started cutting out cute shapes from the New Arrival cartridge and just couldn't stop!

These were all done using the circle feature and the circle blackout in the opposite color. Then we punched holes, added eyelets and threaded narrow ribbon through the holes to create "ornaments" for the cake (we tucked the ribbon hangers between the rolled diapers). These could be reused as tags or for a mobile in the baby's room.

Here are two more views of the cake - my friend had a baby bottle for the top and some rubber ducks, finger puppets and socks to add for decorations but since I was leaving for my son's Parent's Weekend at college I took a few quick photos and just put a bow at the top for these photos.

Apparently the cake was quite a hit at the shower - I will post a photo of the final version if I can.


  1. Oh Diane...This is soooooo cute. I am putting this in my 'Baby Shower' file...always looking for the unique fun gift...(seems like I am constantly going to baby showers these days) and it is hard to find something DIFFERENT to do for each one. You are ALWAYS full of fun ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas! I saw your Halloween project in the Cricut newsletter...GOOD FOR YOU! Bet they would love to carry EVERY project you design.

  2. Dianne - I love it!!!! So glad that it was a hit. I've got to try one of these very soon for a co-worker who's having twins. Thanks for the explanation on how you assembled it. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful heard worl.

    Caroline (AKA Doxieluv01 on Cricut MB)

  3. That is a very neat idea. Thx for sharing!!



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