Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Halloween - with words in Alphalicious (and how to change fonts)

Several people contacted me to say that they loved the Halloween design but do not have Cuttin Up. It is easy to change the words to a font from a cartridge that you own. Here is a quick step by step explanation of how to do this.

First, download my original file which used Plantin Schoolbook, Paper Doll Dress Up and Cuttin Up (not the later version which eliminated Plantin Schoolbook by using Cuttin Up for the bars between the rows of elements).

Do a "save as" of this file and rename it by changing the list of cartridges used at the end of the file name to include the name of the font you will be using (and delete Cuttin Up).

Then click on the words "Happy Halloween" in the original design and delete them. Double click on the mat to place your cursor near the beginning of the space for the phrase (if you have trouble getting the cursor to the right place you can use your arrow keys on the keyboard to move the cursor to the starting position).

The letters in the original design were about 1 1/2 inch high so set your slider bar for 1 1/2 and type in the letters in your chosen font - they should be in all capital letters so each letter will touch the top and the bottom bars. You can then use the nudge arrows to overlap the letters (or overlap just some) to get the look you want. Adjust the letters until they fit the space (touching both the upper and lower bars) and look "right" to you . Be sure to check "weld" in the Shape Properties box. (I adjusted the total length to 11.8 inches to be sure that the letters would cut neatly).

Preview the design and make any adjustments needed where the letters are not adequately welded or the spacing looks odd to you. Then save and cut your modified design.

I am including a download link for my file for the design revised to use Alphalicious to save you time if that is the font you would need to substitute for Cuttin Up.

(Try to get Cuttin Up when you can - it is a useful font for many projects!)

Happy Halloween full page (Alphalicious words)


  1. I love the Halloween mesh you made. You are so creative and thank you for sharing your designs.

  2. I LOVE this!! You do such great work and are TERRIBLY generous for sharing it with all of us!!

  3. This is so fun! Halloween can be such a fun holiday and you designed a great page to accompany it. Thank you for being so generous.


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