Friday, October 10, 2008

Trim the Tree (title swap 2)

Here is the second title I did for the swap. This title can also be adjusted to be wider or taller depending on the space you have on your page. A few variations are shown in the photo above.

Below you can see how the cuts looked on the mat - in this file all three variations are on one page. You can copy and paste any of these to a new page and cut them individually (the two smaller ones will fit on a baby bug mat - just rotate the tall skinny one 90 degrees to fit the smaller mat - portrait orientation).

You can also copy and paste the design on a new mat and then set your desired height and width in the Shape Properties box. Below you can see the cuts after the larger piece of cardstock was lifted - the grid gives you a better idea of the exact sizes (please excuse the paper lint in the photo- I think it is time to wash my mat!)

One more view in traditional red and green - a bit hard to get a nice photo due to the contrast!

Trim the Tree (A)


  1. OH Cap!! I love the Pumpkin Picking one! I gotta thing for pumpkins!!

  2. I like the way you attached the tree to the title yet made it part of the letter. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to take more pictures when we trim our tree next year so that I can use this.


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