Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A winner, the rest of the Q & A and a non-paper project.

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There are a lot of loose ends to catch up on today:

I drew the random winner for the Valentine's projects giveaway and I'll be sending a package to...

Diane you are so good to us not only giving detailed instructions and step by step directions but offering a giveaway to boot! I wish I were going to CHA with you.. and I can relate to the winter weather... it's -10 here in Alaska and that's without the wind! BRRRRRRRRR!! So glad I've been following you since I've been a Cricut owner

Kris in Alaska

Congratulations Kris - I sent you an email to get your mailing information.

A bold request...

Cosmo Cricket has a sneak peak of some of their new paper lines on their blog.  You really need to go take a look and see how fabulous they are - my favorite is "Salt Air" but it is hard to choose.  You can have a chance to win some paper by leaving a comment on the blog and also on their Facebook page (HERE).

There is a third way to win - by being "nominated by your friends and family as one awesome person who would make a great addition" to the Cosmo Cricket Design Team.  I'd love it if you would consider nominating me - Capadia Designs (Diane) http://www.capadiadesign.com/.  I really enjoyed working with their papers and products the month they were the featured paper for Creative Charms last year (you can see what I made with the DeLovely line HERE).  They will announce the top ten nominations Friday and then there will be a vote.  You can enter and nominate at THIS POST on the Cosmo Cricket blog.

I think I have caught up with most of the email and comments from last week.  I thought it might be best to post most of the answers here since people often have the same questions.  I might start doing a day of catching up with general interest questions every so often and then add them to an FAQ tab - now there's an idea!  If you sent me a questions via email and you haven't heard back (and don't see it answered here) please try again.  I received more email than usual last week and your message could have slipped through the cracks.

Here are the questions/comment (in no particular order).

I have a question about 'design studio.' I have the 'wild card' cartridge but it doesn't show up as a choice. I have seen some bloggers discuss using 'wild card' with 'design studio,' so I guess it is possible. Does anyone have an idea what I can do to make it work? I have downloaded updates for both software and firmware. Any suggestions to make this work will be greatly appreciated.  Wild Card is in Design Studio.  If it doesn't appear in your listings you may need to do a program update in addition to the font pack update.  The current version of Design Studio is 1.0.40422.0.  You can check your version in the help menu - click on "about" at the bottom of the list to see your program version displayed.  After you update you will see Wild Card between Wedding and Winter Woodland in the "Image" category.

Thanks for so many Ideas. You are all very inspirational. Do you Dream all these up in your sleep?  I don't sleep a lot and  I usually think of things in the shower!

I love the idea of using vinyl for small word cuts for cards. For some reason, my cricut doesn't always line up letters right. For example, if I cut a single letter, like an "s" the cut lines are about 1/16" off, and I have to use a scissors to trim and then you can always tell. Any idea what's wrong?  You may need to reset your machine - here is the description of the procedure for doing this from the Cricut.com site.

1) First, turn your machine on with no cartridge loaded. Then you are going to roll all your gray dials (the two on the left and the one on the right) down to their lowest setting.

2) Then you will want to grasp the green/gold cylinder blade ****embly and use it to pull the entire gray carriage car unit (the one with the Cricut bug on it) along its track to the other side of the machine. Back in the cave where the gray carriage car usually sits there is a red button. Press that button and hold it down for about three seconds. Let go and then move the gray carriage car back into place.

3) This next step will sound a bit odd, but many times it can fix your Cricut. You’re going to roll all your dials all the way up and all the way down three times—three times for each dial.

4) Then you are going to hit the “Cut” button and turn the machine off. Let the machine sit for a few minutes (15-20), load a cartridge, turn it on, and try a practice cut.

If this does not solve your problem, give us a call toll free at 1-877-727-4288 7am to 6pm MST Mon-Fri (make sure you are by your machine) and someone here will walk you through some trouble shooting tips ..... just a reminder that its important to register your Cricut products, hold on to those receipts too. If we find that your machine is defective and you have your proof of purchase and are also within your warranty period. We can replace your machine. 

Love your projects!  Thanks!

Red glitter vinyl?!! So so pretty! Where can I get that? :)  I got mine from Oh My Crafts and I imagine it is available at other retailers.  When I checked just now there was not red listed but there are a lot of other colors.

So far I have thought I could do what you have done. This one- I'm gonna leave to a professional :D Love it!  Everyone has to start somewhere - if a design seems too complicated try a simpler one first and build up your skills.

About the Design Studio Software....I have Windows 2010. Will it work on that?
Enjoyed your fancy creations!  Thank you.  Do you mean Office 2010?  The version of Office that you use shouldn't affect the ability to install the program.  You need to check the operating system  - Design Studio will work with XP, Vista and Windows 7 but you should install the latest version from the website and then simply activate it with the code on the CD envelope.

Beautiful projects, as always!! Do you use Design Studio with vinyl? I always have problems with it because you can't control the pressure and speed. Any tips for me?  I always use Design Studio so I can make the best use of my vinyl.  You can adjust the blade depth and the pressure but Design Studio will control the speed.  I use blade depth 4, medium pressure (3) and multi cut 2 to "kiss cut" the vinyl - cutting the vinyl but leaving the backing intact which makes it much easier to lift the cuts.

Your projects are awesome!!! What is the multi-cuts, I see you keep saying you cut 2x with multi cuts to get a clean cut?? Please let me know because I do have problems with delicate cuts!! Thanks love your blog and this week here has been awesome!!  You can set multi-cut in Design Studio under the Preferences menu - it is the last choice and a pop out menu will allow you to choose 2, 3, or 4 times.  You can also do multi cuts directly on the Expression.  The multi-cut with slightly less pressure seems to give better results than a single cut at high pressure.  I usually use two times and a blade a 5 with high pressure (4).  You will need to experiment with your machine as they can vary slightly.

Beautiful work!
Do we need to have the Ironworks cartridge to cut out the cut file from Design Studio?  The cupcake holder files for the earlier cupcake cages were done with the Heritage cartridge  (and Plantin Schoolbook).  I haven't posted the file for the new one with the hearts but it does require the Ornamental Iron cartridge.
Also do cut files from Design Studio work on Sure Cuts alot?  No - this is a third party software that is not supported by ProvoCraft and the file format is different.  The .cut files will only work with Design Studio or with the Gypsy if you use Design Studio to convert them to .gypsy.

Okay---so I am confused on Design Studio. I have the CD--I shouldn't load that onto my windows 7--or do I load it and then go to cricut .com to get the updates? I am glad you clarified--because I was going to get rid of it!  If your computer is Windows 7 just download the current program - the version on the CD does not work with Windows 7.  You will need the serial number on the CD envelope to activate the software.

WOW!!! You're so talented! I have the OI cartridge, but do I need a Gypsy in order to cut the basket itself? Thanks for the inspiration!  Thank you.  You do need Design Studio or the Gypsy to create a file like the cupcake cage I showed.  I will post a video lesson soon to show exactly how I made my file.

I never thought of using vinyl for small sentiments! This information WILL help me in the future. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to cut it out "smoothly" and then when you do, you mess it up with glue! Ugh!  It is great to use vinyl or adhesive cardstock and have the adhesive already on your cut.  NO more glue marks on the fronts of your images!

Where can I find the updated version of DS and is it easy to use?  The updates are available on the Cricut.com site - here is a LINK to the page.  It is not difficult to use but there are some "quirks" so please ask questions if you run into problems.

You are so talented. I love the cupcake boxes and the card. I love the ornamental iron cartridge but hadn't figured out exactly what to do with it. Thanks. I would love to have the heart filigree box file. am headed to your site to get the other files.  The heart file will be available soon.

I would love to be in your creative mind for just an hour to see HOW you come up with your ideas;0)
Such a simple, lovely card. Striking cupcake holder too!
I will sit at your feet and learn how to look at things a little closer for hidden designs!
I do tease you here but you do totally fascinate me in your creative endeavors and we are grateful that you choose to share the with us! Thanks so much for everything you have show us this week! I hope they ask you back again SOON!  Thanks for the lovely compliments!

Oh Wow is that ever neat, I know this is way off for me because I am having problems with just basic things.  Take it step by step and you will figure things out.  There is a lot of help available on the Cricut.com site and the message board and many blogs with helpful information.

Awesome job, as usual! Thanks for the tips on the design studio change over - I have a new laptop for my craft room (I wonder how Santa knew I needed it), and am stressing about moving DS and my files over to it.  Be sure to back up your files.  They should not be affected but it wouldn't be a bad idea to burn a copy of your Projects folder that you can refer back to.

Diane does the most amazing & unique work. She's been really making me want the CM cartridges for a while now, and today is just a little more prodding.  Thank you.  The CM cartridges are chock full of great images and fonts.  I particularly like Reminisce Accents for the borders and frames - I could design for weeks with them!

Gorgeous card, love all the detailed bling. Did you use DS for this?  Yes, I use DS for almost everything (!) but you could try cutting two of each of the pieces and adhering them in layers with the same design idea of rotating one shape 90 degrees.  This would be quite thick by the time you finished.

Marlene said: Keep the videos coming as they sure help learning Design Studio  I had requests for videos on the candy bag toppers and the card guidelines - anything else?

great use of a border -- both the CM carts are packed with cuts and worth the $$  I agree!

Very exquisite card!!! You're right..I can't quite see all the bling....darn those cameras!!! You've outdone yourself with all the layers. Someday I might be able to get that fancy! I'm just starting the card making process, I did mostly scrap booking before that!! Thanks for sharing and giving such a wonderful detailed account on how you did it!!!  The layers are all in the cartridge programming - all I did was to weld two shapes together after rotating one 90 degrees to create a different design.  Layers are not difficult and they add so much to your projects.

I think this is the best card yet! Absolutely beautiful. I wish I would have thought of it!  Thanks!

I am going to have to start playing with rotating images and see what I come up with! Ha!  This is exactly what you should do - I constantly "doodle" in Design Studio and try things just to see what will happen.  You may come across a "happy accident" and a new design!

Oh NO!!!! I just read your info about Design Studio. I had gotten Design Studio for Christmas two Christmas's ago--but hadn't loaded it yet. WE had our computer crash and bought a new one--so we have Windows7---and I have never even loaded the program--so it was a waste of money? it us useless to me? Is there a way for me to use it?  You can use Design Studio with Windows 7 - I do it every day.  Just be sure to download the current version of the program and activate it with the serial number on the CD envelope.  If you had the program on your old computer, call customer service and they will unlock the code so you can activate it on the new computer.

One more note - The Reminisce Accents cartridge is sold exclusively through independent Creative Memories consultants.  I am a consultant and, if you do not have a local consultant, I would be happy to help you.  Here is a LINK to the page on my personal website where you will find the Cricut cartridges (Reminisce Accents and Cheerful Seasons).  You can order from the website and have your items delivered directly to you anywhere in the US.

Finally, I have a non-paper crafting project to share with you!

My little next door neighbor is a Daisy scout and she was selling cookies to us on Sunday (easy to do - I think we would both live on thin mints exclusively if we could!).

There are various incentives for the scouts to sell lots of boxes of cookies.  She really liked the fleece owl, but since it was the last day to sell and she only had a few orders, 150 boxes might as well be a million boxes.

The owl was cute....and I had some fleece....

...so we worked together to create and sew this owl.  As you can see - it is a pretty good size and, as I told my little friend, "no one else anywhere in the world has an owl just like this!"  We even cut a little heart and put it inside before sewing up the side with the stuffing (like a "Build-a-Bear" heart).

So - that was a fun project and it made her very happy.  Next time we will work on fleece friends for her brother and two little sisters...

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  1. Congrats to the winners! And, Diane, thanks for the links to the other blog candy giveaways! You always get my vote! ;)

  2. As BikerGranny said: you always have my vote!!! I nominated and will be there to cheer your victory!

    Wish we were getting to cruise with you!

  3. Nominating you is the least we can do for all you do for us. Thank you for taking the time to respond to all of those comments / questions. Love your little owl too!

  4. Thank you for everything you do. I sent you a "Stylish Blog Award".


  5. Thanks for all the things you do. I went to the site and nominated you.

  6. Wahoo! I won the prize!! I'm so excited! Thanks so much Diane!
    And I hope they choose YOU to be the Cosmo Cricket Design Team... I'm off to nominate you... you deserve it!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  7. I went to facebook to give you my vote and it took me a long time to realize that I had to like Cosmo Cricket before I could leave a message. You might want to mention that tomorrow. I would LOVE for you to have a reference/FAQ spot. It takes me a long time often to find a solution I know you have to a DS problem like burping. GREAT idea! Good luck with the new design team!

  8. Aww :) That's really sweet of you :) And the owl came out very very cute. Also, thank you so much for answering my question!! :) And thank you for sharing all of your beautiful work :) You really are an inspiration to me :)

  9. Hi, Diane, I would love to nominate you but I can't find where to do it.I did not see anything about nominations anywhere.

  10. Thanks Stephanie!
    If you click on the red "this post" at the end of the paragraph about Cosmo Cricket, then scroll to the bottom of their blog post you can leave a comment with a nomination - they talk about it after all of the images of the new paper lines. There are probably thousands of comments by now so it is hard to look through them but there should be a box to write in. I think you can also say something on their Facebook page if you do Facebook.
    Thanks for your support!


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