Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cookie Packaging Details

I got sidetracked yesterday by my excitement about being in the top ten for a chance to be on the Cosmo Cricket Design Team.  If you would like to vote you can click HERE to go to the post on the Cosmo Cricket blog - the poll is in the right column. 

I do remember that I promised more details about making up the cookie packages - so here they are (with lots of photos as usual)!

I bought the treat bags at Michael's in the candy and cake supplies section.  This type of bag is readily available in many craft stores.  You do want to be sure that it is meant for food since the cookies will be in contact with the bag.  When you are doing wrapped candy in a bag (like the bags HERE) you can use other types of bags as well.

The bags I bought measured 4 x 6 inches, so I cut some pieces of cardstock to 3 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches to serve as the backers in the bags.  I embossed them with a variety of designs. For the pink I used the "Love Language" and the "Polka Dots" Cuttlebug folders...

...and for the red I used the floral folder from the "Once Upon a Princess" Companion set and the "Conversations" folder.

The slightly narrower pieces of cardstock allow for a good fit once the cookies are added.

There are many ways to decorate the toppers.  The first step is to determine the proper size.  These needed to be four inches wide to fit the bags.  By experimenting with scrap paper, I decided that they should be cut at about 3 inches to fold at 1 1/2 inches high.

You can simply cut pieces of decorative paper to 3 x 4 inches, fold them in half lengthwise and use that as the topper.   The topper on the left in this photo is an example of this.  Two holes are punched and a ribbon is tied in a bow at the front.  It couldn't get much simpler!

You  can also use the Cricut to cut a decorative border.  Here are two samples from the Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art cartridge.  The size of the design will vary depending on the feature set you choose.  I preferred the scale of the lower border.

As luck would have it, this design was just a bit over eight inches long and the pattern divided neatly with nine scallops in each section.

The section of the plastic bag above the backer will fold neatly into thirds to fit the topper.  You can use glue dots to hold the bag down on either side.

A strip of adhesive from a tape gun works well also.

You should end up with a neatly sealed bag, ready for a paper topper to be added.

You can fold the topper over the bag to position it for punching the holes.

By keeping the two pieces together you know the fit will be perfect.  This topper is ready for some ribbon to be added.  You can use a clamp to hold the pieces together while you add the ribbon.

This is a handy way to conserve your ribbon.  To tie a bow at the top you would need about 12 inches of ribbon.  You can create a slightly different look and use 1/3 the amount of ribbon.  I cut a piece of ribbon to four inches (about the width of the topper).

First, insert the ends of the ribbon into the two punched holes  starting at the front.

Then, push one end back to the front through the opposite hole.

Repeat this with the other end of the ribbon and pull them up tightly through the front.

When the ribbon is tightened you can remove the clamp.  You have a perky looking "bow" and can make many more bags with the same ribbon.

This is all you will see on the back side.

You can also use a piece of cardstock you have punched with a decorative border.  This is the Martha Stewart Doily Lace Edge punch.

A simple pearl brad finishes off the topper.  It looks elegant and can be saved by the recipients to use on one of their own projects.

Almost anything can make a topper.  This decorative white cut was one of my trials cuts for the wrapped candy bag toppers (HERE).

I cut a 3 x 4 inch piece of pink cardstock, folded it in half lengthwise and then held everything together with a clamp while I punched a hole at the top.

This large gem brad from Creative Charms makes the treat even more special

These are just a few of the possibilities.  You can have a lot of fun creating different toppers for unique treats and favors.  They do look almost "too pretty to eat!"

I am in Pennsylvania again for a super quick visit with my Dad.  Yesterday was very hectic as we packed up the car and I drove our son to New Jersey for his last semester of college.  I have been driving up and down this route from Massachusetts to New Jersey for so many years - it will be strange to have him graduate this spring (but also very exciting!).  I'll still come this way to visit my sister and my Dad.  

We saw the most amazing sunset just as we got near the Tappan Zee bridge but my laptop has decided to stop reading memory cards and I don't have any other way to get the photos in the computer until I get home again.  I plan to go home Monday since there is yet another storm predicted for Tuesday.  I hope things clear up for my flight to LA on Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for the detailed instructions - my daughter and her friends are very excited to do this project!
    Travel safe!

  2. As always you are amazing! Thank you for the instructions, the photos always help. Looking forward to seeing your updates from CHA! Save travels!

  3. Sooo pretty!!! I have to make goody bags for my lil man's class and ALWAYS look for something different. Thank you for the instructions!!! You are AMAZING!!!


  4. Very nicely done Diane. Love all your pictures, they're awesome. TFS

  5. I voted!! Good luck! I love, love, love these cookies and packaging!!

  6. I really appreciate the details. Thank you so much! You are doing a great job!

  7. Hi Diane:

    I voted! As of 12:36 EST, you are in 3rd place... which is excellent, but we need MORE VOTES! We need a 'Get out the Vote" campaign! I'll spread the message on my blog. Good Luck!

  8. As always you have explained how to create these beautiful cookie packages in such great detail that even I can create them. Thank you so much for sharing. I look forward to seeing many more of your beautiful creations, and have a safe trip home.

  9. Thanks so much for explaining how you have created these adorable cookie bags! Hope you have safe travels home as well as to LA!

  10. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for the instructions for these cute cookie bags. Cute creations.

    Have a great day and good luck on the contest,,,voted for you.


  11. Great job! Good luck with the poll.


  12. I love your projects and designs, always so elegant and pretty. Your detailed instructions really make them doable, so thanks so much!

  13. The ARE too pretty to open and eat! Thanks for the great ideas!
    Travel safely!

  14. I absolutely LOVE these cookies and the packaging. I'm giving you a blog award! Hop over to my blog to get the details

  15. WOW!!! These are beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your steps :)

  16. wow...these cookies bags are so nice!!! congrats also for the top 10, Im also there and Im glad to meet new people and now their worl too! You blog is very, very good and you make great tutorials! loved it ;)


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