Sunday, January 9, 2011

Guest Designing at Everyday Cricut

I have mentioned a few times that I have been working on a lot of projects for Valentine's Day.  I have also mentioned that I'll be a Guest Designer next week, but I haven't told you where.  I am happy to tell you today that Joy and Melanie at Everyday Cricut have asked me back for another week of Guest Designer posts.  I am excited to share the projects I have designed and I am still busy turning them from design files into actual projects.  The photo above is a tiny sneak peek at something I am using - to find out more you will have to be sure to check out the Everyday Cricut blog starting tomorrow, Monday, January 10th.

We had some of our neighbors over for the last of the holiday parties today.  There was a big storm predicted but it didn't come our way - yet...  One good thing about a party in the neighborhood is that everyone can walk (it is a very small neighborhood!).  We keep our holiday decorations up well into January - sometimes even into February.  It is fun to enjoy them when everything else has gone back to normal.

We have a lot of young families on the street and I am starting to feel like one of the "old ladies" on the street!  It really is nice to see all of the little children around again - the last batch grew up and went off to college and beyond.

Our youngest son and his girlfriend made another great chocolate cake.  They frost the cake by cutting a candy car into small pieces and sitting them on the cake to melt.

 Sometimes the chocolate "needs" a little help to be spread evenly on the cake.  Half the fun is licking your fingers after you finish!  It does make a delicious topping.

Don't forget that Creative Charms has a chance for you to win a great gift this week.  The prize is a free Kit of the Month and all you have to do is to post on their Facebook Page about how much you like this month's kit and you will be entered.  The deadline is Sunday at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

Be sure to also check out the Creative Charms Blog for some great ideas on how to use the Kit and Deal of the month.

I'll be busy finishing up and taking photos tomorrow.  I have used a lot of different cartridges and some supplies that are a bit unusual, so I hope you will enjoy the things I have made.

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  1. That cake looks yummy! Wish I had a ptece to go with my morning coffee! I'm glad to see there are other people who leave their decorations up a bit longer. Can't wait to see what you have for us on Everyday Cricut this week!

  2. Congrats on another guest designer role. You and your excellent projects are a perfect fit (and such a delight too!)


  3. The cake looked real good. It will be fun to see what you have planned for tomorrow on Joy and Melanie's blog.

  4. I am looking forward to your guest posts this week. I like useing unusual items. I don't leave all my decorations up but do leave snow villages up through at least March. I enjoy turning on there lights and viewing them as tiny villages off in the diatance.

  5. I am so excited to be able to see you on Everyday Cricut! Looking forward to next week!!

  6. Yay, looking forward to seeing you at Everyday Cricut this week! Your son's cake looks great!

  7. Out of 18 homes on our cul d sac we are the oldest also. We just adore all the little kids and hate it when they grow up. Your party looks so inviting. Have a good week with Joy and Melanie.

  8. I wanted to pop in to say "hi"...and of course I have to congratulate you on your Guest Designer spot! I look forward to checing it out, Im sure I will be nothing less that you always do!!!

    BTW that cake looks yummo!

  9. Your house is beautiful and thank you for all of your inspirational work and instructions.Happy New Year !!
    Anita Cannon

  10. Looking forward to all your wonderful creations this coming week.


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