Friday, April 11, 2014

Water Marbles (or jelly beans?)

A few years ago, I discovered water marbles when we went to the Boston Flower Show.  You can see the post I wrote about them HERE.  Basically, they are tiny hard beads that come in lots of different colors.  When you add water to them they grow to many times their original size.  I think they look like jelly beans when you mix a lot of colors together.

I am thinking about some ways to use my stash of water marbles for Easter flowers.  I have also seen some adorable centerpieces made by using two vases and placing jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps between the glass.  There are all sorts of creative things that people do with Peeps - you can check out some of them on the Peeps website HERE.

I am not a big fan of eating Peeps (but I think they are cute!).  We do have a jar with jelly beans that I keep full year round.  The funny thing is I can ignore this candy but if there is chocolate anywhere in the house, I will find it!

We don't have kids at home anymore, but I still love to put out special Easter Candy.  I have a funny story about a chocolate rabbit to share someday.  I need to get some photos from my brother to tell the whole I'll post that soon.

Do you have favorite candy for Easter celebrations?  I am not quite sure how candy got so involved in a religious holiday but I think most people enjoy it!

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  1. Our Children are grown but we keep candy out on a old Sellers cupboard in hall entrance. Also bags of hot chocolate from Sam's Club. Our kids and Grandkids all visit it so we are buying candy here. Most live in our area our teen Grandson's college age love too crack nuts we keep in season. One of them asked for a small bucket for Easter to keep his shells in. He found nuts on sale at Wal-Mart for his stash at home.

    1. I think it is fun to have a candy stash that little (or big) visitors look forward to when they visit. We have a lollipop tree that I try to keep filled and my little neighbors all know about it. Another neighbor (adult) loves my jelly bean jar. How nice for you that most of your kids and grandkids are close by - enjoy them!

  2. I love Cadbury eggs and am so happy when they are for sale at Easter. Never have been a big Peeps fan but love the dioramas contest our local newspaper sponsors with Peeps every year.


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