Saturday, April 5, 2014

One year ago today...

Saturday was a very busy day - I attended almost all of the classes for True Stamp 2014 (we had plans so I missed part of the last class).  My head is spinning with so many new ideas and techniques to try.  I know that some of you also participated in this event.  I hope you enjoyed it and also learned a lot.

Sometimes I like to look back through my photos to see what I was doing and where I was on the same date a year ago, two years ago or many years ago (if I can find a dated photo).   Last year on April 5th, we were in California visiting our son and daughter-in-law and we spent part of the day at the Old Mission at San Juan Bautista.

I remember I was so surprised to see lilacs growing right next to a cactus.  We enjoyed the gardens and the statues, the view of the Camino Real and it was fun to see the site of some of the most exciting scenes from the movie Vertigo.

 What were you doing one year ago today?  It isn't always easy to figure this out unless you keep a detailed calendar or are doing a "photo a day" project.

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  1. Oops maybe I should have commented here instead of on the other post but I'm going through things backwards. Loved the class.

    1. Hi Bobby, No problem - sometimes people leave comments for a new post on a post that is really old - I am not sure how that happens.. Today was confusing because two posts ended up in the same email...
      I am glad you liked the class - have you bought any of the stamps they showed? I may have to pick up a few more solid stamps - I don't have many and the techniques using them were fun!


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