Sunday, April 6, 2014


I shared a few photos from one year ago in yesterday's post (which you will most likely see with this post if you are an email feed subscriber).  When I was looking through my photos to find out where I was on April 5th, 2013, I found one of my all time favorite photos from the same trip to California, taken on April 6th - so that is today's featured photo.

We took a wonderful drive down the coast and stopped to take photos in several places.  As you can see, the view was spectacular!  I liked this photo so much that I had it made into a custom photo album cover.  Now I just need to fill that album with pages...

Tomorrow is the first day of a new class that I am taking.  I enjoy digital scrapping and have made some of my own papers and embellishments over the years but I decided that I'd like to learn more about digital designing so I am taking Traci Reed's Design Star class.  It will be fun to try to create an entire mini-kit with the skills she is teaching.  I'll keep you posted on how things are going and there may be a freebie or two from my class assignments.

If you have thought about trying digital design, this might be a class you'd like to take as well.  I don't know if the registration has filled up for this session but you can check out the information and see a short video about the class HERE.

More Cricut Sales...

The Cricut Explore is on sale in a bundle with the Starter Kit for $339.99. 

The Starter Kit includes both the Metallic and Antiquity pen sets, the Scoring Stylus, and the Deep Cut Housing & Blade.  Click HERE to go to the bundle page on the Cricut websiteIf you already have the Explore, the Starter Kit is on sale for $49.99 HERE.
You can use the code FREESHIP35 to get free standard shipping on orders over $35 in the United 

I just bought the Scoring Tool at Michael's and tried it out on Friday You do not get a deep score line like you would with a scoreboard but the lines are clearly indicated and there are no annoying little tick marks so I like it better than the old system.

Most of the re-released Creative Memories cartridges were still available as of late Saturday evening.

Best of Times  $19.99,  Be Young  $19.99,  Stork's Delivery $19.99, 'Tis the Season $19.99, Total Sports $19.99, Divine Wedding $24.99, Reminisce Accents $24.99, Tiny Treasures $24.99, This and That $24.99

Click HERE to go to the page with all of the cartridges. These cartridges are sold only in physical form, while supplies last, and won't be available as digital cartridges or as a part of a Design Space subscription.  So this is your last chance to get these images.  Three cartridges are already gone and the rest could run out at any time...

If your order is over $35 you can use the code FREESHIP35 to get free standard shipping (US only). image sale April&

There are also more than 75 digital image sets that are now on sale - most are 50% off.  Some are cartridges that were also available in physical form and some are digital exclusives. image sale April&

I have been really enjoying some of the digital exclusive sets that are available through the subscription.  If you decide not to do the subscription, you might want to pick up some of your favorite digital exclusives now so they will always be available to you.  With the 30% off code on top of the sale prices they are a great deal!

You can see all of the digital sale images HERE.  If your trial subscription has run out and you want to subscribe you will find the subscription page HERE.

Finally, there are also still some amazing deals in the clearance section.  I just got a big box of Cuttlebug folders, some were as low as 75 cents each.  Click HERE to go directly to the DEALS page.  Be sure to check all of the pages (choose "all" in the "results per page" drop down menu at the top right of the page).   

Remember, if your order is over $35, you can use the code FREESHIP35 for free standard shipping in the US.

I hope you are having a great weekend.  We have lots planned for today - I hope I can get everything done!

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  1. Where can I get the 30% off code? Thanks so much for posting these sales.

    1. Hi Michele - the code was SPRING30 but it looks like it has expired. I always try to check codes before I post them and in the wee hours last night I got a "promotion expired" message.
      You can get free shipping now for purchases over $35 in the US with the code FREESHIP35. They said the Spring code was good until April 6th but apparently that meant it expired when the date changed to April 6th, not at midnight (which is what I usually think of when something says "good until April 6th"). There are still some great deals to be had in the DEALS section of the shop.

  2. Thanks for pointing me to the TrueStamp 2014 class. It was fun to "see" people I had only heard about and be introduced to some new stamps and techniques. I knew a lot of what was taught but it is always good to get a refresher course. Are you going to be using that box of embossing folders to kiss your stamps? Wait? What? Do you stamp? I always think of you as the die cutting/digital gal. lol

    1. Hi Bobby - it was fun to "see" you in the class. That chat is so fast I have a very hard time keeping up but I did see you at one point. Some of the stamps were really great (as if I need to buy more stamps...) and it was nice to get the goodie bag coupons. I am definitely going to try the technique using the folder to kiss the stamps. I have done the brayering and embossing with the folders but never thought to try stamp kissing. I am so addicted to embossing folders - it will be nice to have the excuse that I can use they in more ways! I have been getting more interested in stamping (and can't seem to resist buying stamps) but I suppose die cutting and digital will always be my "thing."
      I am glad you enjoyed the class - it is fun to get to know some of the teachers a bit better and I thought the videos were quite good even if some of the things covered were not new to me.

  3. Thank you! It should be midnight on the 6th. I agree, probably a mistake on their part.

    1. I will try to contact them tomorrow to see if they can clarify the way they give ending dates for sales. It is frustrating for anyone who thought they had a day longer to use the code. I hope you can still get what you want - the free shipping can be a big help depending on what you are ordering.

  4. Hi Diane. I was one of those who waited until Sunday thinking I can still use the 30% off but luckily the free shipping code helped a lot with the final cost ;). I got me a couple of CM cartridges I've always wanted and a bunch of embossing folders. What a steal - couldn't resist on the carts even though I haven't used my Cricuts nor my Gypsy in almost 2 years (been using my Cameo). Thanks!

    1. Hi Melody, I am glad you were able to get lots of goodies - the free shipping does help - depending on what you have in your order it can make a big difference. I also couldn't resist and got the two CM cartridges that I didn't have (the last two that came out) and so many Cuttlebug folders that I could emboss all day long! Can't resist a deal!
      Since I bought the Explore, I am using my Cricut images a lot more - I'd say it's about half and half just depending on what sort of project I am doing. Enjoy all of your goodies!


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