Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Version of Silhouette Studio released and a Cricut Digital Sale

Today, Silhouette America released an updated version of the Silhouette Studio software (version 3.0.293).  The servers were overwhelmed by people downloading the new (free) update and some people were not able to access the site.  I did manage to download it on my second attempt but it took well over an hour (so you may want to wait a couple of days for the dust to settle before you try).

There is a long list of new features and the user interface has been changed.  Things still look familiar but some options and menus have been moved and there are new icons for some of the new features.  The basic edition now has improved memory management, auto-save, cut by line color, select items by line color, TWAIN support (direct access to a scanner), new drawing tools including a smoother freehand drawing tool, arc and polygon tools, spell check, proxy settings, updated keyboard shortcuts, advanced cut settings, line segment overcut feature and library back-up.

Some features that have been added are only in the upgraded Designer Edition, including layer support (to cut by layers), PDF import, improved SVG support, shadow tool and nesting feature (this allows for more efficient use of the paper).

You can see a short intro video about the new version HERE, read the official press release HERE, and see the detailed release notes HERE (be sure to click on the "more info" links by each feature).

The download for Version 3.0.293 is on the Silhouette site HERE (it may take a while to download since so many people are trying to get it right away).

I had a little bit of time to try out some of the new features and I hope to experiment more in the next few days.  For some excellent detailed notes about the update from Kay (a very clever user of cutting machines and programs) please see this very informative post on her blog Clever Someday - click HERE to go to the post. (Thanks to Kay for putting this review together so quickly).

If you don't have the Designer version of the software, there is a giveaway on the Silhouette blog where you can enter to win a copy, you'll find that post HERE.

We are finally getting some sun and warmer temperatures (in the 50s today).  There is still some snow melting in the more shaded areas like our lower patio but Spring is finally starting.

In another day or so this ice should be gone - it doesn't seem to be bothering these plants!

This weekend it will be time for cleaning up some of the flower beds.  I do think that the contrast of the old dried leaves and the new purple crocus makes a nice early Spring photo.

All of these re-released Creative Memories cartridges were still available as of Wednesday evening.

Best of Times  $19.99
Be Young  $19.99
Stork's Delivery $19.99
'Tis the Season $19.99
Total Sports $19.99

Divine Wedding $24.99
Reminisce Accents $24.99
Tiny Treasures $24.99
This and That $24.99

Click HERE to go to the page with all of the cartridges.  They won't last long at these prices!  Remember, you can also use the code SPRING30 to save an additional 30% on all images.  This makes the $19.99 cartridges just $13.99 and the $24.99 cartridges just $17.49The 30% off sale runs through April 6th.

These cartridges are sold only in physical form, while supplies last, and won't be available as digital cartridges or as a part of a Design Space subscription.  So this is your last chance to get these images.  Three cartridges are already gone and the rest could run out at any time... image sale April&

There are also more than 75 digital image sets that are now on sale - most are 50% off.  Some are cartridges that were also available in physical form and some are digital exclusives. image sale April&

I have been really enjoying some of the digital exclusive sets that are available through the subscription.  If you decide not to do the subscription, you might want to pick up some of your favorite digital exclusives now so they will always be available to you.  With the 30% off code on top of the sale prices they are a great deal!

You can see all of the digital sale images HERE.  If your trial subscription has run out and you want to subscribe you will find the subscription page HERE.

I am an affiliate for and I appreciate it when you use my links (by clicking HERE)  to go to the Cricut site to shop.  There is no additional cost to you when you use these links and it helps to support my blog (and keep me supplied with chocolate!).

I hope the weather is turning  "spring-like" for you.  It was great to get out and take a few photos today.  Soon the gardens will be full of flowers but I enjoy this time of year when things are just starting to turn green.

I wonder how many of you have both Cricut and Silhouette (or other die-cutting machines).  The competition between the companies to produce the best possible machine is great to watch.  I am guessing that there may be some updates to the Design Space software before too long...

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  1. I'm confused. I have the Silhouette Designer Edition. Am I supposed to download this update or is it just for the people who don't have the DE?

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      The update is for both the Basic and the Designer Edition. There are new features in both editions - the Designer Edition has some things that aren't included with the free basic version. You don't have to do anything special when you download - your Designer Edition will be updated with all of the new features. Be sure to read all of the information first - some people wait to see if there are any "bugs" to be worked out before updating (I plunged right in but there is one thing missing from the earlier version that I wish I still had...) Kay's blog post (linked above) has a good overview on the new and changed items.

    2. Still cannot download so please send out a fresh link when you have it ready.

    3. Hi Alice,
      It seems the Silhouette site had been really bogged down. They posted that they are only able to have something like 500 people downloading the update at a time. So the link won't change but you will have to check in at the site very so often - if you happen to get there early in the cycle before they have 500 downloading you will get a link instead of the "busy" message. It's probably best to just wait a week or two until things are sorted out...just keep using the Version 2 while the dust settles!

  2. Good Morning Diane! Thank you for all the great information and links! I'm anxious to update my software and read through the information you provided...have a great day!

    1. Hi Marilyn,
      There is a lot of information to take in and, as always, there will most likely be a few bumps to get past with such a big update. I liked most of what I could see once it downloaded - I just need more time to play with the new features. Enjoy!

  3. Diane, thank you for Kay's link, after reading her review I decided to wait to see Silhouette's response. I won't be upgrading for a while. You are a valuable resource for so many of us! Thank you!

    1. Hi Jan, I did go ahead and install the download but I agree with some of Kay's comments. I hope they give back some of the things that were taken away - particularly the ability to drag and drop in our digital papers - I do that a lot. I hope that Silhouette will come up with an update to the update pretty quickly - we will just have to watch and wait... Kay is a great resource - she figures out all sorts of things and shares great lessons on her blog.


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