Saturday, February 8, 2014

Another Layout a Day Page to Share


Last year we had an enormous storm that started February 8 and ended on the 9th.  This year we have lots of snow on the ground again but we didn't have any new snow today (thank goodness!).

One of the prompts for Layout a Day (LOAD) last week was to make a page with no journaling - a page where the pictures alone were enough to tell the story.  I knew that I had taken a lot of "progress" photos of the storm so I set about finding the right ones to make a page that would speak for itself.

I used this photo as the background.  At this spot the snow measured a little under 27 inches deep.  In most of the other spots I checked, the snow was 28 or 29 inches but I needed a photo with the measuring stick large enough and with enough space on the right side to enlarge it to fill the full page.  (Some of my photos would have to be cropped too much to have the quality needed to fill a full 12 x 12 page).

I hadn't taken photos at exactly the same spot but I decided these three showed the progression of the storm.  Once I got them into the Artisan software from Panstoria I was able to do some adjustments to the light to make the three photos similar in brightness.

I used simple thin black lines to define the images and, while I started with the plan to simply have the photo as the full page background, I decided to make it 11 x 11 inches and add a background paper to give the page a little more color.

The last thing I did was to add the dates in a font that was similar to the numbers on the yardstick.  No journaling required!

I had already created some pages about this storm - it really was a storm to remember.  Here is one and you can see the rest in the post from last year HEREI think I like the page with just the date better.  It is nice to try different ways to record an event and of course with digital pages you can do a lot of experimenting before committing to the final version to print. 

My favorite pages from the storm are the ones in the post from last year with the photos of my little neighbors playing in the snow - they sure had fun! (Click HERE to see the rest).

Well - enough about snow for now.  I have some projects to finish and some boxes to start filling.  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Love your snow layouts. The most we've ever gotten was an inch. (maybe) The last time was 2008.

  2. Great layout and I love the photos! I sent you an email with some questions.

  3. I remember these from last year. They are still so amazing. We had 3" last night! Nothing like your snow though.

  4. Wow! That's a lot of snow! Keep warm, or try! PS - your layouts are great!


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