Sunday, February 2, 2014

Scalloped and Stitched Valentine Card

Happy Super Bowl Groundhog Day!  I imagine that many of you are busy today with parties and other festivities for the big game.   I am writing this late at night so I don't know yet if the Groundhog saw his shadow.  I hope he didn't - I think a lot of us would like an early spring!

I wanted to show you the finished card that I made from the test cut of the card in the video (click HERE to see the post with the video).  You can see how nice and even the score line is - no annoying little slits.

However, this is just a plain card so I added some more pieces and layers to the card.  I even did some "stitching" with a white pen.

I looked around on the Artiste cartridge and found this shape (the shift of Accent 4 on page 62) and I realized that it was another wide scallop and probably similar enough in size to be manipulated into a layer for the card.

I cut a couple of these shapes and added a heart to the center.  It is a little tricky to get the heart cut out in the proper position and after I cut the first topper (on the bottom) I decided that it should have a larger heart opening so I set up another cut in the Cricut Craft Room software.  (I will do another video to show you how I did this - I think it will be easier to see it than to read all of the steps that were needed).

The topper has two extra scallops that have to be trimmed off.  First, I added adhesive and centered the heart cutouts.

Here is the view from the back of the card with the extra scallops extending beyond the edges of the card.

A small trimmer easily cleaned up the edges.  You do have to be extra careful on the folded edge of the card when you trim away the extra scallop.

After trimming the card looked like this.  The next step was to add a liner inside the card to provide a place to write a message and show a contrasting heart in the center.

I cut a piece of white cardstock to 4 1/4 x 3 1/2 inches and punched the two long edges of the cardstock with a border punch. 

The small scallops in this Martha Stewart punch (scallop three dot edge punch - part of a punch around the page set) were a nice companion to the large scallops on the card.

You could use any punch you like.  If I had thought it all through ahead of time, I might have mad a second layer for the inside of the card using the shape I used for the topper.

The card still looked pretty plain so I started to add some white pen stitching around the scallops.

Then I added more stitching at the top and bottom and along the inner heart shape.  It still looked a bit plain so I decided to cut an even smaller red heart to pop in the center of the card front.

I went back to the computer and set up a column of hearts to cut from the remaining edge.  If you plan carefully, you can create new design elements with the leftovers from your primary cuts.

I was able to trim the heart strip to 1 1/2 inches wide.

This "planned leftover" will work nicely on the front of a larger card.

With the small heart now appearing in the opening, I just needed to add "I" and "you" to make the sentiment "I heart you."

I had the three CTMH cartridges on my desk so I checked ArtBooking next and found just what I needed on the shift key of the title button on page 59.

The finishing touch was to add white stitching to the words inside the card.  I decided to leave the heart plain.

This is certainly not an elaborate card, but it is fresh and pretty and I had fun making it.  I hope you like it.

Have a wonderful crafty day - I hope your team wins!

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  1. Such a pretty card, and after looking at the steps, it's not difficult at all. Thank you!

  2. Thanks BethAnn! It was fun to make - just a bit of fiddling around in the CraftRoom to make the layer and extra hearts - but worth it! I'd love to see your version if you make one like this.

  3. Love this card. Yes, he saw his shadow... We are under another winter watch here. Hope it goes above us. Rain, Rain, so after midnight it will probably be snow. I am posting cards again. I did so miss doing this. Still working on the craft room.


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