Sunday, February 9, 2014

Three Heart Valentine Card


This card is another that I made to use up some "leftovers" that were sitting on my work table.  I tend to be rather untidy when I am crafting and there are often bits and pieces from other projects strewn around.  I actually prefer to leave things out because I usually find a way to use them up - if I put things away I forget about them!

When I made this card (the original post is HERE) I did a few trial cuts and so I ended up with some extra hearts and extra words as well as a card base and layer that I had rejected for another project.

I started with three hearts in graduated sizes and set up the front of the card.  It just happened that my pieces of cardstock were more or less a positive and negative of the same woven design.

I adhered the pieces to the card front with some liquid adhesive.  I usually let it dry to clear so it won't ooze out but I rushed a bit this time and you can see the result.

If this happens, the best thing to do is to let the adhesive dry and then use a gum eraser (sometimes called a "pick-up square") to lift the dried glue - you'll never be able to tell that it was there.  Mine is well used and was from Creative Memories.  If you can't find one locally, they are also sold by Close to my Heart as a "Rub & Remove™ Eraser" and you can find them on my friend Joy's website HERE.

The heart cut outs were from the CTMH Artiste cartridge and the "I" and "you" are from the ArtBooking cartridge.

This basic layout seemed a little boring so I picked up some of the extra hearts I cut out for the original card.

Adding extra cuts to use up the blank spaces on the cardstock is easy to do and will give you lots of "leftovers" to fuel your creativity!

The leftover hearts were cut from red cardstock that was just a bit too bright for the background paper so I decided to ink them a bit to make a better match.

Barn Door and Fired Brick distress inks seemed like the best possibilities.

I have strips of labels colored with each ink on the sides of my ink pads.  (You can see how I organized my distress inks and stains in THIS POST).  This makes it easy to quickly decide on the correct shade.  I chose Fired Brick for this card.

Just a few dabs and some blending brought the color of the hearts down to a closer match to the background cardstock.

It is a little hard to see but the inked heart is on the left and the plain heart on the right.

I wanted to add a little more dimension to the card so I folded the inked hearts in half and added some 1/8 inch Scor Tape along the fold lines.

To keep the red and white theme going I pulled out some baker's twine (I haven't used this for a while) and cut some to tie around the left side of the card.

I wound it around the card front twice and secured the twine with tape on the back (this happens to be a Christmas paper with a simple "B" side - that's why you see bricks and a window in this photo!).

I tied a simple bow and let the ends dangle.

Adding the twine and the small red hearts finished off the card nicely.

Here is one more photo taken in bright sunlight to show you the dimensionality of the card.

I hope you had a great weekend - I'll be posting the first part of my 6th Blog Anniversary Celebration Giveaway sometime on Monday.  It's going to be fun to fill the boxes this year!

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  1. I love how you use all your leftover bits and pieces to make even more cards. And they're all great!

  2. Thanks for the info on the gum eraser. I tried using a pink pencil eraser and got a smear. Good thing there are embellishments to cover them up. lol

  3. Thanks for the tip to use ink to get our bits and pieces to work together better. I think my leftovers are going to be put to better use.

  4. I love all these cards. All hearts but totally different. Great designs.

  5. What a pretty card. I think it fits the plain and simple category well which is what I love best. I'm a messy crafter also, but I know where everything is on my table but not when I put them away.

  6. Hello. Very cute Valentine! I love your creativity in using "leftovers" and not wasting good pieces. And thanks for the tip with the eraser. They can save a whole project from the trash with just a few swipes! Looking forward to hearing more about your favorite stuff boxes!

  7. I like using kit pages if I find one that fits a picture(s) I have. I buy papers and embellishments that will go with my picture subjects to design my own pages. My Grandsons and my Golden Retriever are my current subjects.


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