Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blizzard Pages

The storm was officially a blizzard.  Boston's final total was 24.9 inches, making this the fifth largest storm by amount of snowfall.  The record was 27.5 inches from February 17-18, 2003.  I remember that storm very well.  We were on vacation in Florida and my husband and older son were supposed to fly back home for work and rehearsal for the high school show.  They were "stuck" in Florida for a couple of extra days and didn't get back home until Thursday.

We had about 28 inches here in Concord (yes - that is all that shows of the full yardstick!)  There are places where the drifts are much taller.

 I did a few digital layouts about the snow.  Digital scrapping is fun because it is so immediate.  I took the photos, edited them and had layouts done just a few hours later.

 Here is the before and after looking at our house from the street.  The snow was light and powdery so it was easily handled by my husband with the snowblower.  I did the shoveling around the porch and front walk and the snow wasn't too heavy but you had to do five or six shovels full in each spot to get down to the ground!

If you don't live in a snowy place, you may not have seen this tool before.  It is a roof rake to get the snow off the edges of the roof so it won't melt and form ice dams.  There are sections that fit together to make it extend up to the second story and it is tricky to control.


Here is the view from the front porch on Friday before the snow...

...and after the storm was over on Saturday.

During the second round of snow clearing our little neighbors stopped by.  The banks of snow formed by the town plows along the side of the street seemed like mountains to them and they had a lot of fun climbing and sliding (and throwing snow!).

You can see how tiny they look as they walked back up the street with their mother - those banks of snow are tall!

Claire spent most of her time going up and down the snow piles.  She was so bundled up that I didn't get very many photos that showed her face.

Emma's favorite thing was throwing snowballs.  She was all smiles and laughed every time she managed to find a chunk of snow to throw (with remarkably good aim).

We were very fortunate and never lost power.  The areas closer to the ocean were hit much harder with flooding from the tides and power outages.  The ban on driving was finally lifted at 4 p.m. Saturday but we haven't gone anywhere yet.  No flights or public transit were expected to start until sometime on Sunday and it make take several days to get the "T" running again. 

I hope that all of you who were in the path of the storm are doing fine.  The predictions were very accurate and we had plenty of time to take precautions which made it much easier to weather the storm.  It will take a while for all of this snow to melt!

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  1. Great photo shots. thank you for sharing.
    Looks like the little ones are really having a good time.
    Know exactly what you mean about the snow being piled up. Used to live in Iowa and I remember having 15 foot snow drifts and snowed in for days.

  2. What wonderful snow pictures you've taken! Here in Bucks County, we were lucky to have been on the outer fringes of the storm, and officially only received 2.2". On our yard, I suspect it was more like 4" but still, that hardly compares to the whopping amount you got in Concord! In fact, by noon on Saturday, the brilliant sun had melted almost all of our snow that faced the sun; our streets and walks are clear.

    Of course, here in the Philadelphia suburbs we have an entirely different phenomenon, and that is the rush to the supermarkets, driven by the hyperbole of the TV weathercasters. You'd think it was the Armageddon and we'd be holed up for MONTHS with the way that the stores clog with those who MUST get more milk, bread, eggs, toilet paper, diapers, water and batteries. So hearing the forecasts myself on Thursday night, I decided to do my USUAL Saturday grocery shopping then and there at the 24-hour market. I was the lone shopper in the store, which had an all-hands-on-deck complement of staff stocking the shelves to the gills. The next morning, I started a pot of chicken soup and tonight will make a stew -- hearty meals for a cold winter.

    We hope for the early Spring forecast by Punxsatawny Phil!!

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  3. Thanks for sharing. Your layouts are beautiful. Which digital software do you use?

  4. Diane,
    Thanks for a great posting....It is really great to see pictures and descriptions of things going on in each others life. Glad you did not loose the power. Stay warm and safe..................

  5. I live in so cal. and was in awe of the snow!!! We live in the Hemet area and had some snow fall but never stuck...You are a real trooper for showing us pics so we can see what happens...I just love your page and come here every morning to see what you are doing!!! I hope all goes well and you are good...Just Me, Jeanette

  6. I have to agree with Jeanette - this is just awesome for a girl from south Texas! I have no idea what an ice dam is or why you would not want it to happen. The only time I shoveled snow in my life was on a trip to visit relatives in Chicago as a young teen. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  7. I've enjoyed your photos and of course your layouts. Wow; lots of snow for sure. What cute neighbor girls.. they always add fun to such an event.

  8. Awesome photos. It's hard to fathom that much snow that isn't in the mountains. Glad you got through the night just fine. I love hearing little giggles playing in the snow.

  9. Awesome layouts and wonderful photos! The snow is beautiful but makes me glad I live in Texas, where snow shovels are practically unheard of and are rarely seen! I'm glad that you didn't have any serious problems.

  10. I just love your blog and loved all your pictures. I would never think to take pictures of your home before and after the storm. What a great idea. I have never heard of roof broom or whatever the correct name of gadget your husband was using and I live in snow country. As the saying goes Better you than us. I live in Bethlehem, PA and we only had 4" of snow Friday night and with a sunny Saturday a lot of the plowed streets hardly had any snow on them by the end of Saturday. Great album pictures of your neighbor children.


  11. Wow, great pictures! It looks like your making the best of all the snow!! The layouts are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing:)
    Sherrie K

  12. Diane, those pictures of the little girls in the snow are adorable. Glad you had light snow, but i'm sure it is still tiring to move it!!

    take care and keep warm. Don't work too hard!

  13. Loved your layouts and comments. You're remarkable for turning everything into a warm experience and capturing it so beautifully.


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