Friday, February 22, 2013

A Quick Tip for Paper Shopping

Happy Friday!  I have been away for a few days and will be driving home today - just in time to get ready for our next major snowstorm.  Is anyone else hoping that Spring will arrive soon?

I have another super quick tip for you today.  If you love to buy paper (and I think most of you share my paper addiction...)  be sure to check both sides.  More and more papers are manufactured as double sided papers.  In most cases one side is the "front" with the bolder or more thematic design for the paper line.  The other side (the "B" side) is often a solid, a more subtle pattern or coordinating small print.

I love to go to my local store to see and buy the latest papers - who can resist something fresh and new?  However, I often find last season papers at stores like Tuesday Morning, Marshall's or T.J. Maxx.  Sometimes they are sold in stacks but you are also likely to find packs of 25 or so sheets of the same paper.  The price can be very low ($3.99 or even $1.99 for 25 sheets of paper or cardstock that originally sold for about $1 a sheet).

Of course, unless you are teaching classes or making kits, you might not want 25 sheets of the same paper.  You can get together with a friend or two or three and split up the paper packs to get a nice variety of options.  If you like to make mini albums or sets of cards you might want to keep the entire pack of paper for your own use.


This is the "front" of the paper that I used for the anniversary card I shared a few days ago.  It is a pretty shimmer paper but the front side is clearly meant to be used for a wedding layout.  I don't think I would use this side of the paper more than once or twice...

However,  I really like papers that shimmer so I was thrilled to see the back side of this paper.  It has a pretty overall design that I can use over and over.

This is the "front" of another paper.  The pink flourish limits the usefulness of the black and white dot design.  I probably wouldn't use the full sheet of paper very often but I might trim it down to use small sections of the dotted design.

On the opposite side of the paper is this lovely pink damask style design.  This side would be more useful for me so I bought the pack of 25.

It is also a good idea to take a careful look at the seasonal papers that are often marked down significantly after the holiday has passed.  I just bought this K & Company 12 x 12 paper pad for 70% off.  When I flipped through the pages I found that there were many pieces with one side that could be used for more than Valentine's Day projects.

This is the front of one paper - I like it but wouldn't use it often...however...

...the bright red background filled with colorful dots on the other side would be very useful.

Here is another page - front (above) and back (below).

This is another more "generic" option and I like the option of having more than one colorway of a design.

The red and blue dotted papers could be fun to use together.

Here is a final example - the bold circus style "XOXOX" design on the front limits your options..

and the tiny pattern on the back side is much more versatile.

The pattern looks like tiny dots but it is actually tiny hearts. 

The biggest problem I have with double sided papers is that sometimes I like both sides equally - and then it is hard to decide which side to use (so I end up hoarding some of those papers).  Do you like two sided papers or single side prints better?

I hope that you are snug and warm and that this next snowstorm is not too challenging.  Our son and his girlfriend are due to fly home during the storm so we are keeping our fingers crossed that they won't have serious delays...and considering the possibility of living in a more moderate climate!

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  1. I like double sided papers; they feel nicer.
    I do find that the manufacturer often puts a pattern I really like on the back of another pattern I really like. Wish they would ask me, ha!

    Stay Warm!

  2. Thank you for all the helpful tips on buying papers, Diane. I have been picking up and using so many of your ideas and suggestions for cutting files (love my Gypsy and Cricut) for years now but have never taken the opportunity to post a comment. I just want to thank you for passing on all that knowledge and saving me quite a bit of "scrap"! Your interest in intricate designs gave me such a good start on creating my own designs - although usually not quite as well as yours! Thanks again and stay safe in the next few days - we've got ice and sleet here in NW Ohio this morning.

  3. I love double sided paper although I don't often have the opportunity to buy it. And I've NEVER found paper in Marshall's or TJMaxx. I guess it pays to live in a more metropolitan area. I have to travel to find these stores and other scrappers must have beat me to them. ;) Stay safe in the winter weather.

  4. I love double sided paper but sometimes find it difficult to decide which side to use when they are both pretty. I too shop at Tuesday Morning and love the packs of paper. They are great for multiple layouts or card makeing. I have to admit several of your designs are the basic of mine. You give me so much inspiration.

  5. Good information Diane. I like the weight of double sided papet better than single. Some brands have brighter colors than other brands also which makes a difference to me. Good luck to your son getting home safely. We are having heavy rains today and fortunately our snow stays in the mountains.

  6. I love double sided paper! I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to craft paper...yikes! I sometimes have a hard time cutting it because I like it so much..weird ha?
    We are in for a big storm too..up to 7 inches of snow again on top of the last foot we got just a couple weeks ago. I don't mind the snow since we enjoy snowmobiling but I will be ready for spring in another month, thats for sure!
    Have a great weekend!
    Sherrie K

  7. I also like double sided paper better and think it is nicer to work with. I have made several cards on the Artiste cartridge were I think only double sided paper looks the best. I made a lot of valentine cards with the paper you had showed on your blog. I wish we had a Tuesday morning closer to me as when I do stop I do get great deals. I live very near AC Moore, Joann's and Michels and like when they have paper on sale and then sometimes an extra 20% coupon on all items including sale items.
    Hope you do not get to much snow. I live in Bethlehem, PA and we have been very lucky with the snow we got so far this year. They are calling for rain in our area.


  8. thanks so much for the tip. I have never gone to Tuesday Morning and now have a reason to. I also want to thank you for the information on the Silhouette Cameo. Carmel

  9. I have actually become sort of a paper snob! I tend to only buy double sided paper now. I prefer the weight and design possibilities. I have purchased MANY paper packs at Tuesday Morning. I like to just "play" with my Cricut and Cuttle Bug, but didn't do it as much prior to the "Tuesday Morning Find" because I couldn't justify the paper expense. The inexpensive paper packs have made the play much easier to justify.

  10. Just went to Tuesday Morning tonight. They had tons of Grafic 45 paper paks for 3.99. Love double sided paper. It's usually thicker and us card makers like double for me.

  11. Great tips I love K and Company I haven't found them at my TJ Max yet :( I have found Martha Stewart paper packs though

  12. Great tips! I love double sided paper. I featured your post as 'Today's Scrapbook Wonder' on my Facebook page today. You can see my share here:

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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