Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Embossed Leaf Punches

A few days ago I posted a peek at a card my neighbor made using punches she borrowed from me.  These punches are the Nellie Snellen punches that Mandy, Enfys and I were so impressed with at the PaperWorld/CreativeWorld trade show in Germany last January.

Here is another peek at Nancy's card.  The punches are available in a number of flower shapes and several different leaves.

There are two punches in each set - one to punch the shape and one to emboss the shape.

This is the inside of the embossing punch (I guess it isn't actually a "punch" - it is just for embossing!).

After you punch the shape with the first punch, you simply place it in the embosser, close the top and "punch" again.

The effect is wonderful - the leaves are so much more lifelike with the veins added and the subtle rounding of the shape to make it more three dimensional.

For the card at the top of this post I used both the three leaf cluster and the single leaf.

Here is the before and after photo for the single leaf.

I'll post the details about my card separately - I just wanted to let you know about the punches since several people had asked me about them.

These punches are available in Australia in the Scrappy-Go-Lucky store HERE.  They are quite heavy so I am not sure if Mandy can ship them to the US (I'll check with her and post her answer as soon as I can).  I checked with Mandy and you can order from her in Australia.  The shipping will be calculated when you put the items in the cart so you can decide if the shipping cost is acceptable (they are heavy).  She did also point out that the GST (tax) does not apply to shipments that are sent out of the country so the prices would be 10% lower than what you see listed.

I think they add such a nice touch to projects and it's great that you can totally customize the flowers and leaves by using your own papers.

I am trying to catch back up to my usual schedule of posting the night before for the following day - so there will be another short post today...and two will end up on the email tomorrow morning.  Summer is playing havoc with my timing!

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  1. Those look like really cool punch sets. Love both the cards.

  2. Love those punches. I hope they come to the US. Thanks for sharing.


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