Friday, July 27, 2012

A Gift from a Friend

Today is my friend Marilyn Mae's birthday - Happy Birthday Marilyn Mae!  I've known her for a few years.  She was a follower of my blog and one day called me up with some questions about Design Studio.  We talk on the phone every so often and I finally got to meet her in person at the Tim Holtz classes this spring.  In fact, without her help I wouldn't have been able to get signed up for the classes.

Marilyn Mae doesn't have a blog but she makes wonderful things.  She is much better than I am about getting cards sent to people - if I mention that I have a bit of a cold in a post on my blog, the next thing I know there is a get well card from Maine in my mailbox.  When we were together for the Tim Holtz weekend, she gave me an amazing album and I told her I'd like to share it with my blog readers.  

She told me it was fine to post photos of the book but that I should give credit to Laura Denison of Following the Paper Trail since she used Laura's design to create the album.  You can click on the red links to see the Following the Paper Trail blog and website.  I am not sure which set of directions Marilyn Mae used, so I hope she will pop in and tell us so I can add a link directly to the proper set.   

ETA The pattern she used is called Stack the Deck with Pockets Mini Album - just click on the name to go to the page on Laura's site where you can buy the pattern.

Please be sure to leave a comment for Marilyn Mae - to wish her a Happy Birthday and to tell her what a great job she did with this book - I just love it!

(just click on the photos to see them at a larger size)

front of album
spine of album
back cover
inside front cover
first page insert flipped over
first page insert unfolded
pages 2 and 3
pages 4 and 5 first view
pages 4 and 5 insert opened
pages 6 and 7
flamingo on page 7
pages 8 and 9 with insert opened
pages 8 and 9 back of insert
pages 10 and 11
page 12 and inside back cover
page 12 insert opened
inside back cover
black insert in each of the six pocket pages

There are so many little pockets and tags or inserts for adding photos or journaling.  I am fond of butterflies and she used lots and lots of them in this book.  I spotted some bits and pieces that I had sent Marilyn Mae sprinkled in on many pages.

I hope you find a lot of inspiration from these photos.   I know that I want to try to make something along these lines now that I have a bit more crafting time (and I know where I'll be sending it when I finish!).

Happy Birthday Marilyn Mae!  May you have many more wonderfully crafty years ahead.

Have a great weekend - it is the first weekend in quite a while that we will be home with no travel plans or visitors. 

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  1. Good morning Diane, and a very happy Birthday to Marilyn Mae. Your craft album is beautiful, so much work and detail went into it. Thank you for agreeing to show us, this is a definate project to keep in mind and to plan to make on a rainy weekend.

    Diane enjoy your weekend, you can now relax and smell the flowers.... in your lovely garden!
    Happy Crafty Weekend to all.

  2. Thank you for showing the album you made. All the details that you put into gives me ideas. Beautiful!!

  3. Happy Birthday, Marilyn Mae. Your album is absolutely the prettiest one I have ever seen. so much work went into this. Love it.

    Dianne Bell -

  4. Happy birthday, Marilyn Mae. What a wonderful friend to gift Diane with such a gorgeous album. Thank you for letting her show us.

  5. Happy Birthday MM! Hope you have a crafty day ahead of you. Your album is wonderful.

  6. Wow, I'm sure you cherish that album, Diane. So much work went into it and it lovely. Happy Birthday to the talented Marily Mae!

  7. Happy Birthday to you friend Marilyn Mae. She does beautiful work.

  8. Wow, Marilyn Mae did a fabulous job on that book! Happy Birthday, Marilyn Mae!

  9. Thank you all for your Birthday Wishes and kind words. The paper/cardstock used for the Stack the Deck with Pockets Mini Album
    Tim Holtz-Paper Stash Kraft Resist and K & CO Julianne. Pattern by Laura Denison.

  10. Happy Birthday Marilyn Mae!!! I am also a Laura Denison follower. I was surprised to see this. I love Stack the Deck.

    Hope both you ladies have a wonderful day and weekend. Marilyn...maybe I'll see you on Ustream tonight.

  11. Wow, I've never seen such a beautiful album. The flamingo is gorgeous.

  12. Happy Birthday Marilyn Mae! Such a beautiful album. Thanks for sharing it.

  13. Sweet Birthday Wishes Mariln....beautiful album..yes, laura's ustream is fun to did a fabulous job
    hope to see you post yur little have on the back burner..Diane


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