Monday, July 23, 2012

A Colorful Champagne Bar Counter

Monday was a busy day and Tuesday will be even busier with the entire family coming over for dinner.  I just have a few photos to share of few interesting things I saw at a French bakery and restaurant while we were in Wellfleet on Cape Cod.

Somehow, I didn't end up with a full view photo of the building (I was using the little purse camera that sometimes fools me into thinking the picture was taken when it really wasn't...).  There were herbs growing in the beds around the garden.

One thing I like that you usually see only in about beach communities are crushed shell parking lots.  It is a simple use of a readily available local material but I think they look pretty and a bit exotic.

They had a lots of interesting fish and ocean themed light fixtures.

This wall of copper was in the indoor eating area - it was fun to look at all of the shapes (I wonder how they keep it so clean?).

My favorite thing was the bar top - at the left of the photo above, behind the column.

There were "streams" of pebbles and bubbles embedded in sand below a clear top.  The colors were quite neutral with a colorful line of champagne cork toppers lined up in rows and swirling down the bar.

I'm not sure of the technical name for these - they are the labels that are on top of the cork and under the wires on a champagne bottle.  The colors and designs are varied and it was fun to look at them and choose a few favorites!

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I hope you have a great day - we'll be seeing most of the local relatives for a farewell party Tuesday.  I hope I can get the pool table cleared off - lots of my crafty projects collect on any horizontal surface and it is rather full right now!

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  1. You vist such interesting places! Thanks for sharing them with us!


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