Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Update for the Gypsy (the BIG one)

The "Big" update for the Gypsy that will allow you to use it with your Imagine cartridges is ready.  You should read THIS POST on the Cricut message board to get all of the details.

You can download the latest version of the Cricut Sync program HERE.  Be sure to follow all of the directions carefully.  I downloaded the new version of the Cricut Sync and did the Gypsy update successfully in less than an hour.  I then started on the Imagine update.  I had not updated my Imagine since the original update and the Sync program has been uploading content to the Imagine for over five hours.  I finally decided to give up and let it go overnight with my fingers crossed that all will be finished in the morning!  I have read that other people updated the Imagine and it was very quick so it could be that mine is slow because I hadn't done the intermediate updates or it could be some peculiarity of my computer/internet/virus protection, etc.  

At any rate - you will now have an Imagine app icon on your Gypsy start screen as you can see at the top of this post.  In the Imagine app the screen will look about the same as the Imagine screen.  I haven't uploaded any cartridges yet (because I am still updating my Imagine) but I have read that other users have successfully done this and are designing with the Imagine and regular cartridges on the Gypsy and then printing and cutting with the Imagine. I can't wait to do this - my fingers are crossed hoping that everything updates correctly!

Lots of people have been very interested to find out all about the Cricut Cruise so my "evil twin" Okieladybug has started up a blog for the people who went on the cruise to write about their experiences.  You can find the new blog HERE.  This should help you to find a lot of information in one place with details about the crafting and the cruising.  I hope that there will be another cruise next year and that I will be able to go along.

Since I spent a lot of time today regrouping and trying to sort out this weird swaying (seasick on land?) I did not get a chance to photograph the projects I made during the cruise.  Some of them are not quite finished (by choice) since I may repurpose them a little to suit my needs.

I do have some little photos (from our cruise guide book) to show you what we did - I'll add photos of my projects as soon as I can.

Joy, Melanie, Robyn and Tammy (the "Hello Thursday" bloggers) each taught a class.  Joy did this cruise layout which used "Pack Your Bags" (one of the cartridges that was given to us) and printed papers from the not yet available Berries and Cream Imagine cartridge.

Melanie taught this cute mini album which used art and papers from the Kate's Kitchen Imagine cartridge (this was also a gift in our beach bucket the first night).

Here are some of the interior pages. You can add photos or recipes or both.

Robyn did this simple layout and autograph book (we actually used these to collect some contact information from our fellow cruisers on the last evening).

Tammy did a class on glass etching - we used a Gypsy file to cut vinyl with the names of our four ports and also collected sand at each island to fill the bottle.  I am hoping to put mine together tomorrow...

There were a couple of sessions taught by the ProvoCraft team - this lovely canvas and...

...a pirate frame.  We used the Buccaneer Imagine cartridge for this frame.  This cartridge will be sent to the participants when it is available.

There were also four "make and take" projects that you could do during the evening open crop times.  Some people had other things to work on but we really didn't have a lot of time - particularly if you wanted to participate in some of the ship activities.  I hope these little images give you a good idea of what we were crafting while on the sea - if you have questions about any of them be sure to leave a comment - thanks!

I am off to catch a bit of sleep before checking on my Imagine update again - it seems to be moving at the rate of 1% every ten minutes or so - I hope it works!

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  1. Melanie's mini album is amazing!

  2. What great looking projects! I love them all. Sorry to hear you still feel under the weather. Hope today's the last day and you will feel back to normal soon!!

  3. Wow!! Great projects!! Glad to hear you had a good time. Sorry to hear you still don't feel well. Get well soon

  4. diane i do have a question about the new update. i was updating yesterday and at about the same speed as you...and noticed it was for the imagine. i don't have an imagine and stopped the update. should i have kept it going? i have no plans on buying the imagine, however, i may buy the E2.

  5. Hope your update is successful! Thanks for sharing what you did on the trip--it is a real teaser to make us anticipate the NEXT cruise!

  6. Diane--thanks for letting us know about the updates. Got my Gypsy done and now my Imagine is slowing doing it's thing! Hope it does not take all day--I need my computer for other things. Hmmmm, maybe that means I will have to craft instead! Love your cruise projects. Thanks for sharing them

  7. Hi, Diane. Thanks SO MUCH for shaing the Cricut Cruise projects. I LOVE Tammy's idea of the bottle and collecting sand/pebbles/shells from each port = very memorable! Also, a plea from me (and other Expression owners) some of us do not have Imagines and will no be getting Imagines (at least not for the near future) - please don't forget us and "move on" to the Imagine! PLEASE, please please.
    Thank you!

  8. These projects are all fantastic!!! I just love them!! :) I so so so so so want to go on the next one!! :)

  9. What fun!!! :) I love what was made in the classes!

  10. Love all your projects but I am really drawn to the sand in the bottle one. I love cruises but they do take a few days to recover from. Love the cruising blog also.

  11. hey Diane, thanks for all of the pictures of the projects and glad you had a great time... was wondering if you really need to do the gypsy update if you do not have an imagine?

  12. Welcome home! Hope you get your land legs back soon. I love the sand in a bottle idea & DITTO to Sally, please keep up with all of us who still have our "little"
    Cricuts. I love your instructions on every little thing & how you "think artistically"."

  13. Diane - Hope you feel better soon. Saw this link about a photo development deal and wanted to pass it on. Click on Thrifty Northwest Mom and it takes you to the link for the photo deal. http://www.thriftynorthwestmom.com/2011/03/12855/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+ThriftyNorthwestMom+%28Thrifty+Northwest+Mom%29&utm_content=Yahoo%21+Mail


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