Friday, March 18, 2011

New Cartridges - Oh My!

For Cricut fans, the third week of the month is always exciting - it is the week of "Hello Thursday" when the new cartridge releases are announced.  Sometimes, a retailer might release cartridges ahead of time and reduce the element of surprise but it is still fun to get all of the details and to see the handbooks.  This month three of the new cartridges are already available at AC Moore.

I have two favorites in the new releases - Can you guess which ones?  It is probably obvious that Elegant Edges and Damask Decor are just my style of cartridge.

Here are the sample sheets from the site.  You can find sample sheets and full cartridge handbooks in the Cartridge Library on the information page - here is a LINK.

Four of the cartridges are full cartridges:

Damask Decor - So many fabulous possibilities with this and very elegant!


You can download the complete handbook HERE.

Elegant Edges - lots of great shapes and frames for cards and layouts and wonderful borders.


You can download the complete handbook HERE. 

Everyday Pop-Up Cards  Pop-up cards for all occasions and lots of cute images


You can download the complete handbook HERE. 

Pop-Up Neighborhood (this is the next Cricut Circle exclusive cartridge)


You can download the complete handbook HERE. 

The other three cartridges are seasonal limited edition cartridges: 

Father's Day


You can download the tri-fold for this cartridge HERE. 

Happy Graduation

You can download the tri-fold for this cartridge HERE. 


You can download the tri-fold for this cartridge HERE. 

More cartridges were also added to the retired list this month.  They are  

Joys of the Season
Learning Curve
50 States
Word Builders 1 A Word Party

I really like both Joys of the Season and Stamping.   50 States is far more than just an educational cartridge with flowers and birds for all of the states.  If you think you might want these cartridges it is time to add them to your collection before they become difficult to find (and sell for crazy prices on eBay!).


There are Design Studio and Gypsy updates available with the new content.  The Design Studio update is available HERE.  You will need to be signed in to the site.  The screen says that the last update is for November, however, if you download the font pack update you will see that the version number has changed and it is V110308.


You should SAVE the download to your computer and then run it to have the new cartridge information load correctly.  You will need to close and reopen Design Studio to see the new cartridge listed.

To update your Gypsy, connect it to your computer with the USB cable, turn it on and run the Cricut Sync program. IT takes a while but mine when smoothly.  The Version will now be 1.4 (0208:0216).

To see some projects made with these new cartridges, be sure to check out the Hello Thursday blogs - here are the links...

Joy's blog 
Melanie's blog 
Robyn's blog
Tammy's blog

Have fun checking out all of the new possibilities and let me know what you think...

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  1. Diane- All the new cartridges are fabulous. I know I want them all. I think the Damask will be my first purchase.

  2. Well, again, they have put out cartridges that I would only use a few things on. Not going to spend the money anymore on cartridges and will be not doing anymore updates to my Provocraft Expression, Design Studio (2 copies) or Gypsy. The last Gypsy update did not work anyway and it is too much trouble to make an update work. Sticking with MTC that still works for me and is so much more fun and creative.

  3. What would I do without you to remind me to update my DS. I think we have the same favorite new cartridges. Wish we has an AC Moore here where I live.

  4. thank you diane. i'm with you. damask and elegant edges are right up my alley.
    thank you for the update links.


  5. I totally agree about "our" 2 favorite new carts!! Thanks for the news!

  6. When I first saw them I thought, "Wonder what Diane will do with Elegant Edges and Damask Designs." We do all know you ;- ) Love to see how you create. Your inspirations are great.

  7. I'm with you; out of what I've seen at the girl's sites, my favorites are also Elegant Edges and Damask Designs. Look absolutely beautiful.

  8. As far as I'm concerned Elegant Edges is the best! I'm always looking for ways to make cuts without having to go buy another punch so this should take care of that.

  9. I this that my favorite cart this time is the Everyday Pop Up Cards. Thanks for all you do and the wonderful inspiration I find here on your blog.



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