Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gypsy and Imagine updates completed (and a few more cruise photos...)

The updates to my Gypsy and Imagine are finished.  I left the computer connected to the Imagine and finally got some sleep Monday night.  I have no idea why it took so long and I hope that if you update it is much quicker for you.  I found the Imagine on the "connected" screen Tuesday morning (not the screen that warns you not to turn off or disconnect) so I turned everything off and rebooted.  All of the items are now up to date.  The update numbers for the latest versions are

Gypsy App - Version 1.4 (0208:0214)
Imagine App for Gypsy - Version 1.01 (0110:0020)
Imagine - Version 1.01 (0110:0020:0239:202A)
Cricut Sync -

You can read more about the updates in THIS POST on the Cricut message board.  If you don't have the Imagine, you don't have to do this update right away (but sometimes it is good to keep up with the updates so you won't have to do a lot of them at one time).  My Gypsy update went smoothly but I had an incredibly slow Imagine update - some people have had the opposite experience and the Gypsy update has taken a very long time.

I realized that I had done one of the earlier updates because I already had the option to print full sheets of paper.  I haven't used the Imagine much lately but I used it on the Cricut Cruise and that reminded me how much fun it is to print things(!)  I decided to print my first sheet of paper and it worked perfectly.  This is one of the paper choices on the "Kate's Kitchen" cartridge.

When you print full sheets of paper there is some "overspray" at the edges.  It is important to clean off the mat right away. 

A damp paper towel around the edges worked well to remove all of the ink.  I was very pleased with the quality of the printing and it is nice to have the "ultimate backup" for those times when you run out of the paper you need for a project.

Several people left comments or messages asking me not to leave the Expression behind.  I do enjoy the Imagine but I will continue to do many of my projects with the Expression.  Each tool has a place, it just depends what you are trying to do. 

If you are interested in purchasing the Imagine, the price offered on is $299 right now (here is a LINK).  If you are a Cricut Circle member, you will receive an additional discount of $59.80 so the total would be $239.20 (and you also get double reward points).  When I checked shipping to Massachusetts it was $15.10 so this seems like a good deal.

You can add your Imagine cartridges to the Gypsy, however, they are not "linked" and you will need to insert the cartridge when you use the content on that cartridge.  As I understand it, this was done to insure that you won't run out of room on the Gypsy.  The Imagine cartridges are much larger than a traditional Cricut cartridge so the ability to add and remove them is important.  I predict that I will do most of my designing for the Imagine in the new online Cricut CraftRoom.  However, if you want to design away from your computer and the internet it is nice to have the ability to put the content on the Gypsy so you can work with it.

One change that I like is the small preview of the patterns on the color and pattern cartridges.

I will try to have a "normal" project to post tomorrow.  If you have read this far, I thought I'd share a few more photos from the cruise.  There were amazing floral arrangements on the ship and many interesting displays in the restaurants.

This arrangement with birds of paradise and roses was at the lounge where they had karaoke and dancing.

The peacock feathers on this are totally over the top (but also fun - I may add some feathers to flowers that I do at home ... on a much smaller scale!).

These very large floral arrangements were all over the ship.  They were replaced several times during the week so it was a lot of fun to see what would show up next!

This very structured display was interesting - I like the combination of textures.

We went to the tea one day and saw some great watermelon carvings.

I really liked this swan family carving.  I am not sure how long these last but I did notice that some of them appeared again at the late night dessert festival on the next to the last night of the cruise.

 There were also interesting displays in various spots around the main buffet dining room.

 It was fun to see all of the unusual objects and arrangements.  I wonder how many people work on just the flowers and other decorations.  The ship is really like a tiny city with so much attention paid to all of these details.

I think that spring is trying to arrive - our snow has melted quite a bit with grass showing in many places in the front yard...

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  1. Great photography! Loved the pic of the beautiful rock homes!

  2. Diane, I'm glad you won the trip and got to take your husband. Your photos are great...keep them coming!

    My Imagine took hours to upgrade, also. I also hadn't updated it in a very long time, so maybe that is the reason.

  3. Diane, once again, thanks for the info on the update. I was successful in the update but it did take a while. Loved the photos. I was on the cruise with you and really admired the arrangements but never took pictures. We spoke of the circle but I am unclear as to how to join. If you get a chance could you let me know how to join. Thanks,
    Danita Rasmussen

  4. Hi Danita, It's nice to "see" you here! You can sign up for the Circle by visiting the site at this link

    The quarters are fixed so if you sign up now you will only have the rest of March and April before you need to pay again (quarterly membership). I think this also applies to the annual membership but you would need to check on this.

    Mike is in charge of the circle so he can help you if you have any problems. I hope you decide to join - it is a lot of fun!

  5. Beautiful photography. I've been on two cruises and the flower arrangements never cease to amaze me along with the food art. I'm so glad you had fun. Hope your spinning head has slowed down.
    Mary Ann

  6. GREAT photos! I too have been amazed at the arrangemwnts of the cruise ships! They are definitely made by artists! Hope you are starting to get your land legs back!

  7. Beautiful pictures!!! Such eye candy! Please tell us what the first picture is of with the unusual buildings!

    Glad to have you back :)


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