Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A small find and a new Challenge

Spring is the season of rummage sales, tag sales, garage sales - all sort of opportunities to find interesting crafting possibilities for ridiculously low prices.  I have a tendency to see too many possibilities and have a hard time leaving things behind - which accounts for the cluttered condition of the attic and basement at our house!  One recent find was this tin of angel playing cards.

There are fifty four different vintage angel images on the cards and there are two decks of cards plus a sturdy tin.  All of this crafty inspiration for only 25 cents - how could I walk away and leave it behind?

I think that playing cards are something that are often left just sitting around at home, particularly the fancy souvenir type sets like this.  We have many sets and, while we do need a deck per person to play Hand and Foot, there are more than we can realistically be expected to use.

So the next challenge I want to make is to use a playing card somehow on a project.  This can be a card that you already have in the house or one that you find as a "treasure" somewhere.  I am thinking of a decorative or souvenir type card but any playing card will be fine.  I'll repeat the instructions for using the linky tool at the end of this post.

Take Out Box Challenge

Thanks to those of you who took the challenge and tried making a project inspired by the take out box.  It was really interesting to see the different interpretations.  It always amazes me to see how a single starting point can lead to very different results.  I visited all of the blogs and left comments (Marilyn Mae - I commented to you by email since you don't have a blog and Donna, I couldn't get the comment form to appear when I clicked to leave a comment so I also sent you an email - I hope I had the right address).

If you want to see the variety of projects that were made, please go to THIS POST and then follow the links at the bottom of the post to get a larger view and more details.  It would be great if you could leave a comment for each person - everyone loves to get comments!

Since there were only nine of you this week, I didn't draw a single winner.  I have a little something to send each of you.  Please email me at with your full name and address and I'll send you your little something!  It may take a few days since we have graduation this weekend so please be patient.

link to discussion Day #3 - Time to Craft

(a new discussion will start at the end of the week)

Directions on linking your project for the  "Playing Card " inspiration challenge

Several people asked about using the linky tool to add a project and participate in the challenge.  I took some screen shots to show you how it works.

First, scroll to the bottom of the blog post HERE and click on the blue froggie link box.

These boxes will pop up.  If you have a blog where you have posted the project, you can just fill in the blanks and click "next step."  If you know the URL of the photo you want to post you can add that instead of a blog address.  If you just need to fill in something to get to the next screen you can use my blog address in this blank and then go to the tab on the next page that allows you to upload a photo from your computer.

This will take you to the blog post you linked and ask you to select the image to upload.

If you don't have a blog but have posted the image online - in a photo site, on a message board, or somewhere else you can provide the direct URL to upload.   You can find out the URL by right clicking and selecting "copy image location" from the list - then paste it in the blank.

If you don't have the image of your project anywhere online, you can click the third tab and upload the image directly from your computer.

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  1. the playing cards are gorgeous and such a great idea for crafting. If you're ever in Jupiter, Florida give me a call, we can always put together a game of hand and foot! hugs, eileen

  2. Diane and Elylyl --If you're ever in St.Louis area, my Hand and Foot groups would LOVE to have you spend time with us!!!! I was a Canasta addict as a teenager, and now Hand and Foot is even MORE fun, isn't it?
    I collected playing cards as my memories when we took the Elderhostel Train Trip across Canada, so I'm off to locate them and have some fun! Thanks for the idea, Diane!

  3. I just did a project for the grandchildren that had an angel but I don't have a photo. Anyway, I just want to tell you I enjoy your blog because it is so diverse. Photos of your brother's art, the vase with sun shining, visits with your dad and family stories. In addition great projects and instructions. Thanks so much for everything. Joan Murphins

  4. Hi Diane, I love your blog and this new challenge idea is great. Unfortunately, I've been crazy busy and I am way behind in my blog reading, but I am determined to get caught up. Now to think about a project with a playing card! By the way, I LOVE those angel cards, they are beautiful and you can never have enough angels in your house!


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