Friday, May 20, 2011

Take an idea and run with it!

Once you get started with an idea it can take over.  I decided to make some more flower and knot designs using letters in my Cricut cartridges.  There are so many possibilities - I have just started to explore the most promising fonts.  All of the designs I am posting today are from an older cartridge - can you guess which one?

Here are some of the designs I made.  I created them in Design Studio and then took some screen shots so I could bring them into my Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 program and digitally color the designs.

I kept things simple and just used solid colors and gradients to fill in the elements of the designs.

This is a variation of the flower that is at the top of the post.

This design is made up of one letter repeated four times - can you spot it?

 There were some tricky angles to figure out on this one.

I added a little jeweled bee from the CM Dress it Up Digital Embellishments to this final design.  I will try adding some digital papers to the same designs and see what I can create.

I can even combine many of the same design along with some stripes to create my own paper.

I wanted to cut out some of these designs, however, I managed to "snip" my thumb while cutting off the boxtops for education coupon and my thumb is bandaged so it is not easy to manage the mats and paper right now.  I'll give it another day.

Only a couple of people have taken up the Playing Card Challenge.  I'll try to get my project finished and post it on Saturday.  If you want to do a last minute project, here is a LINK to the post with the inspiration cards.  The linky will expire at midnight on Friday.

I'd love to see any designs that you try using letters as the elements for new designs.  For those who asked, I will try to put together a video showing the design process and explaining how to make the welds work properly. 

We saw a little bit of sun trying to get through the clouds Thursday - maybe it will stop raining soon...

link to Discussion Day #4  -  How do you decide?

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  1. All Mixed Up? I think I can recognize the "s". Love you teasing us!!! And of course love these designs.

  2. Love this idea. Maybe I could have forgone a couple of cartridges if I'd figured this out myself. LOL I just love your creative brain. :)

  3. I just want to say...YOU DID IT AGAIN!!!! LOVED IT!!!

  4. Wow Diane! You see such amazing things you can create from combining, twisting, and turning things just a bit. The possibilities are truly endless with you. I love it! Your brain is unbelievable.

  5. I can always count on you to think out of the box. These are amazing and I am constantly surprised at the things you create. Joan Murphins

  6. Wow, I would never have thought of this one! Your are a genius! Now I will try it!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I really like that pink and green one!


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