Friday, December 17, 2010

Presents and Tags (and new cartridges)

We had a busy day Thursday doing errands with my Dad and celebrating an early Christmas.  Friday we will be driving home - this year it looks like we are a few days ahead of the storm.  The photo above is the pile of presents I left behind with my sister and brother-in-law for their family.

There are simple tags on the gifts and I cut them out from Plantin Schoolbook with my Gypsy.  Here is a photo of the way I set them up on the mat.  There is a reason that I did them this way but I will have to get home before I can show you the "method to my madness"!

There were ten new cartridges announced for Hello Thursday and they are all available to view on the site in the cartridge library.  Here is a LINK to the page where you can download the sample sheets and the full handbooks to check out everything available on each cartridge.  The 3 Birds - Life is a Party is listed as just Life is a Party and the Cricut Everyday is listed as Cricut Cricut Everyday (a bit confusing but accurate!)

They are

3 Birds - Life is a Party
Best of Pixar
Cricut Everyday (Circle Exclusive)
Disney Classics
Groovy Times
Nates ABCs
Pack Your Bags
(these are "full" cartridges)

and three new seasonal minis
April Showers
Mother's Day Bouquet
Spring Holiday Cards

Locker Talk and New Arrival were added to the list of retired cartridges.

The new cartridges are all included in a font update for Design Studio - here is the LINK

The update page did not list the new cartridges but when I clicked on the download link the font package that downloaded was not V101111 but V101207.  Be sure to SAVE the update to your desktop and then run it so it will install properly.

When you install the update you will see that the newest cartridges are included in the list.  You can get a good look at everything on the cartridge in Design Studio and try out a few designs to see which cartridges you might want to add to your list.  I didn't try the Gypsy update because it usually takes a very long time to do so I will wait until I am home again to do that one.

Have fun looking over all of the new content!

There is also a sale on retired cartridges on for 19.99.  If you add one item with free shipping to your order the entire order will ship for free.  Here is a LINK to the Green Wednesday specials page - you may have to scroll down and click on Green Wednesday at the bottom of the page.

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  1. I think I already see the "method to your maddness".

    Have a safe trip home.



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